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Posiflex enters mPOS market with retail companion tablet

Mobile POS is rapidly developing into one of the main areas of investment for retailers as we go in to 2015.

mPOS is attractive to retailers as it offers many opportunities to enhance the customer purchasing experience. Sales can be achieved anywhere on the shop floor, reducing waiting times and decreasing the opportunity for buyers to abandon their purchases.

An effective mPOS strategy can also help recover sales that would have otherwise been lost. On occasions where a size of clothing is out of stock, a customer will often choose to shop elsewhere. With an mPOS solution shop assistants can now arrange for the customer to purchase the item via the retailer’s online shop using a tablet or handheld device on the shop floor.

Posiflex has now entered the mobile POS market with the launch of a new mPOS tablet, ideal for both retail and hospitality businesses. The MT-4008W is an 8” tablet that supports MSR attachment, and can be integrated with the choice of a detachable pistol grip or a hand strap depending on the application.

Moreover, an optional dock station allows the device to have the features and functionality of an all-in-one POS. This mobile POS is indispensable for store and hospitality business owners who seek to improve their in-store mobility and employee efficiency by providing real time product information, inventory control, ordering and reducing checkout queues.

Posiflex MT-4008W is a “Wintel” mobile POS with 1024 x 768 resolution, which means a vast majority of the existing Windows-based POS applications can be ported over with minimal to no modification.

The detachable pistol grip not only has a 1D or 2D barcode scanner built-in, but also houses a removable battery that effectively extends the operation life of the tablet. Most importantly, its ergonomic design and precise weight balance enable the store staff to easily carry and handle the tablet. The Posiflex MT-4008W smartly solves the cumbersome issue of larger mobile devices.

Another highlight of the MT-4008W is the optional dock station, which has a 3” WIFI thermal POS receipt printer built-in, and connectivity options such as Serial ports, USB ports, LAN ports and CR ports. Once the tablet is integrated with its dock station, an all-in-one POS is instantly at your disposal.

While there is a bright future for mobile POS, fixed EPoS terminals still have a vital role to play in retail and an effective mobile POS strategy will often be operated in tandem with fixed POS terminals. Advantages of fixed POS include easy access to cash, the ability to remove electronic-surveillance tags, space to hold a full shopping basket of purchases, bags to aid shopper convenience, video tracking and easily identifiable proof of purchase.

Mobile POS gives retailers the flexibility required to provide outstanding levels of customer service and engagement, maximising sales revenue and maintaining customer loyalty. The MT-4008W offers retailers more than just mobility but versatility.

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