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How to reinvent your business’ image with corporate signage

Today more than ever, businesses and companies are having to battle hard to have the best corporate image in their respective industries. T

here has been a recent resurgence of physical space, environment and signage being incorporated into the forefront of branding and corporate reputation.

The old and the new

In a period between the 1960s and late 1990s, businesses and large corporations placed significant importance on place and space, in terms of their reputation and associated success. An office building, and it’s respective decor, signage and facilities, was as much of a defining aspect of a business’ brand as their marketing efforts. Without the internet and digital branding, physical space office space was the only impression you would get from a business.

During the 2000s and beyond, we have seen a significant switch of focus to business’ digital brand and reputation. Quite often, financial budgets have leaned heavily towards digital strategy, website design and dominating the online space.

However, the trick we have all missed is that corporate environments cannot entirely be replaced by digital. Right now, we could guarantee that over 80% of the completed business deals in 2017 will have been made within face-to-face meeting within an office space. Yes it’s true; you have between 6-8 seconds to make a good impression on websites before a viewer leaves … however, an impression of your office environment is made instantaneously.

A large part of your business’ impression is your corporate signage, and there are a multitude of ways in which signage can featured as used effectively in office space.

What signage you could use in your corporate environment

Office/desk – Individual offices themselves can make use of smaller signs in sign systems. For example, one sign could feature on the wall outside an office with the relevant department and person’s name featured on it. Small desk signs could also be placed on each employee’s desk with their name on it. Both of these serve to give a sense of organisation as well as a further feeling of significance for the employee themselves.

Corridor – Corridors are the connective branches that make corporate environments truly function. Whether it is modular wall signage, with different panels directing you down different corridors at a T junction, or perhaps a ceiling-suspended sign that sits classy in a corridor, letting the user know that a certain department is just ahead, corridor signage is of paramount importance to let both visitors and employees comfortably navigate their environment.

Entrance – When a visitor approaches your corporate building, they need to feel that initial opinion that your business is effective and clear. Nothing states this more than premium wall mounted or totem signage that creates a lasting first impression to a potential new business customer.

How will this impact your corporate environment

There are multiple ways in which investing in high quality sign systems will improve your business.

Firstly an improved and well invested sign system will improve overall staff and employee productivity. Physical space holds a direct relationship with a company’s culture. A cleaner, more well tended environment will encourage and happier and more efficient workforce.

When new potential customers walk through the doors to your office space, their judgement of the immediate environment, people and vibe will heavily weigh on their opinion to do business with a company. Their ability to effectively navigate the environment using signage will both consciously and subconsciously affect their true opinion of a corporation.The saying still rings true that ‘You cannot have a second first impression’.

Signage and sign systems hold a significant position in the corporate world and that is why it is important for a range of sign systems to be available, to ensure the correct system is provided for the right corporate office space.