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Retailers work an extra 25 minutes per day

The average UK worker works an extra 21 minutes of overtime in the winter compared to summer and 82% staying inside during the lunch hour, they are missing out on vital hours of sunshine. 

Research by Robinsons Squash’d, has revealed that 9 in 10 (88%) office workers only glimpse daylight through an office window during the winter months. With a further eight in ten office employees (82%) eating lunch at their desks, Brits are missing out on the benefits that daylight offers, which can negatively affect their mind-set.

Psychologist and life coach Becki Houlston explains: “People’s mental attitude during winter is greatly affected by a lack of sunshine. If we choose to stay inside during the lunch hour and spend longer at our desks at the end of the day, we miss out on key periods when our bodies could be taking in vitamin D. A deficiency in this vitamin is often linked with ‘winter blue’ feelings.”

As over half (51%) of workers would also describe their mood as ‘grey’ or ‘blue’ on a winter morning and two thirds (67%) admit to cancelling social plans in favour of a night at home, it’s not surprising that people feel less motivated during the day and end up working longer hours.

Top 10 overtime workers by industry

  1. Research – 29.15
  2. Hospitality – 25.29
  3. Construction – 24.56
  4. Industry – 24.21
  5. Retail – 24.08
  6. Marketing – 23.32
  7. Property – 23.12
  8. Computing – 22.50
  9. Engineering – 22.28
  10. Entertainment – 22.21

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