How online retailers can successfully use Google Shopping

Lengow, European leader in feed management offer a solution to help online retailers optimise their e-commerce, released it’s first English white paper, dedicated to Google Shopping.

£104bn was spent online in 2014, and this figure is expected to increase to £116bn by the end of 2015. However, given the sheer number of e-commerce stores available in the UK, gaining visibility and expanding online presence through external channels, such as Google Shopping, has become one of the main daily challenges for online retailers.

Through placing ads directly on search result pages associated with the product, the platform has become a leading source of qualified traffic for online retailers. However, due to modified technical specifications made late last year, Google now requires more technical knowledge from users for efficient use of the channel.

Successful selling on Google Shopping requires various expertise, particularly relating to developing a strategy consistent with the price and positioning of each product.

Taking into account the many recent technical developments to the channel, this white paper gives practical advice to e-merchants wishing to embark on using this Google platform, as well as those already using it.

The paper examines Google Shopping’s role in the changing e-commerce landscape; from comparison shopping engines to CPC. The different stages that contributed to the creation of what is now Google Shopping are also discussed. However, above all, this white paper focuses on the key factors for a successful Shopping Campaign, the integration of Merchant Center and Google AdWords and all promotional aspects of campaigns in AdWords.

Mickael Froger, CEO and co-founder of Lengow states: “Google is the most popular online search engine in the UK, it is imperative that our customers are visible on this channel. This requires more interaction with Adwords, which was one of the main reasons we incorporated the latest API into our solution, thus allowing customers to handle operations relating to their Shopping Campaigns within their Lengow account. Our white paper provides concrete advice for merchants to succeed with Google Shopping.”

Jérémie Peiro, co-founder of Lengow adds: “Google Shopping is not only an essential channel in the UK, but all around Europe. Many merchants also use this platform to enter international markets.”

The white paper “Master Google Shopping Campaigns to Increase Your Sales!” includes tips, market data, as well as expert advice, and frequently asked questions.

The white paper can be downloaded for free from the resources section of www.lengow.com.

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