Shoppers 5x as Likely to Click on Product Recommendations

Shoppers browse 22% more pages per visit, lingering 10% longer on each page as retailers’ product discovery campaigns contribute to a 4.10% hike in average order value and a 4.41% uptick in sales.

Research suggests festive online shoppers are taking longer to make purchase decisions this year, including interacting more heavily with retailers’ personalised product recommendations and content.

eCommerce Traffic Up 23% Over Black Friday and Cyber Weekend

Global data gathered by Commerce Experience Platform, Nosto, over Cyber Weekend 2023 found that eCommerce traffic was up 23%, with shoppers viewing 22% more pages per visit and spending 10% longer on each page. Despite this more considered shopping behaviour, sales were up 4.41% year-over-year (YoY), with the average order value (AOV) rising by 4.10%.

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81% of Customers Click on Personalised Content Campaigns

According to the data, shoppers were more than five times (19% increase in clicks on product recommendations (YoY)) as likely to click on retailers’ onsite product recommendations this year and 81% (81% increase in clicks on personalised onsite content campaigns (YoY)) more likely to click on personalised content campaigns. On top of this, they were 13% more likely to click through product recommendations sent in marketing emails.

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“Shoppers are definitely putting more time and effort into their holiday shopping, meaning that the retailers who make it easier for them to find the right products are reaping the benefits,” said Jan Soerensen, General Manager North America, Nosto. “For example, retailers’ product discovery campaigns this Cyber Weekend included 76% more product recommendations, more than 2x (110% more personalised onsite content campaigns served (YoY)) more personalised content, and 5x (443% more online pop-ups displayed (YoY)) more online pop-ups compared to 2022”.

Traffic Increases for Health, Beauty, Fashion & Hobbies

Nosto’s data tracked over 112 million visits to global eCommerce stores on its platform, and saw YoY growth across a variety of verticals:

  • Health & Beauty: traffic was up 14.76%, sales up 14.52%, and AOV up 11.21%
  • Fashion & Accessories: traffic went up 26.38%, sales increased 4.56%, and AOV was 4.27% higher
  • Sporting Goods & Hobbies: traffic was up 23.03%, sales increased by 12.85% and AOV went up 7.84%

74% of Traffic for eCommerce Purchases on Mobile

Mobile continues to be the dominant device for eCommerce purchases, with 74% of all traffic and 62% of sales during Cyber Weekend coming from people shopping on their phones. However, consumers are still using desktops for their highest-value purchases, with this channel seeing an AOV of $141.59 (USD) compared with $109.01 on mobile.

Sales Traffic Orders AOV
Desktop 38% 26% 32% $141.59
Mobile 62% 74% 68% $109.01

“As eCommerce sites grow in size and complexity, it is vital that retailers invest to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to find the perfect gift online,” said Jan Soerensen. “The winning retailers in the 2023 holiday shopping season are focusing heavily on driving product discovery and are reaping the results as savvy shoppers choose them for their spending.”

All the performance numbers from Nosto’s analysis of Cyber Weekend 2023 are listed in its blog at https://www.nosto.com/blog/black-friday-cyber-monday-2023/