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Should I invest in an ISDN or VoIP phone system?

Your business needs its own phone system of some description; without it, your firm could be hindered in its ability to present itself professionally to customers. However, when looking for a suitable system, your business might struggle to choose between ISDN and VoIP options.

If you aren’t well-versed in jargon of communications technology, the terms “ISDN” and “VoIP” could make you baulk – but we can help you both distinguish between them and choose the right system.

ISDN: a trusted but fading technology

If you have only recently formed your company, you might be wondering why continuing to rely on your home’s standard home system wouldn’t suffice. Indeed, it actually might do… at least during the early days of your business. There are several reasons why…

ISDN would count as an example of a traditional landline system which uses the conventional copper wiring provided by a phone company. As landline services are thoroughly time-tested, many businesses feel comfortable using them, acknowledges Business News Daily.

However, this comfort might not linger for long. As the majority of phone system providers are relinquishing their landline system offerings, purchasing an ISDN system in the first place has become more difficult than it used to be.

Furthermore, were your business to buy a system based on ISDN – which, according to SearchEnterpriseWAN.com, stands for Integrated Services Digital Network – only for it to break, getting it repaired could be tricky. Still, firms lacking high-speed Internet access might rely on ISDN.

Why VoIP is a better bet for the long term

If your business is aiming for a long period of sustained growth, investing in a VoIP system evidently could be a much better option. Rather than copper wiring, a VoIP system will use your company’s existing Internet connection, so this connection needs to be reliable.

Should this Internet access indeed be capable, you can benefit from a system that not only is easy to set up but also lets your firm quickly access advanced features. A VoIP system from Planet Numbers, for example, will enable your company to benefit from call tracking and call queuing.

Furthermore, the running costs of a VoIP system can be significantly lower than those of a landline system. Most users of the Planet Numbers system see their monthly phone costs slashed by at least 75% – and, according to ITPRO, savings on international calls can be especially high.

That bodes well if you hope to reach out to overseas markets in a bid for truly global expansion. However, even if your company will continue targeting strictly local markets, it still seems wise for you to choose a VoIP network now, as BT intends to switch off its ISDN networks by 2025.

Furthermore, from 2020, the company will stop offering new ISDN services. Therefore, investing in a VoIP, rather than ISDN, system now is a better way of investing in your company’s future. By calling Planet Numbers for free on 0800 088 6543, you can learn even more about the long-term benefits.