Tesco Has The Most Highly Anticipated January Sale For 2023

New data has named Tesco as the retailer with the most highly anticipated January sale for 2023.

The cost of living crisis is impacting us all, meaning that any opportunity to grab a fantastic deal is more appealing than ever. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Brits are already starting to search around for ways to save money in the New Year and take advantage of the January sales.

Retail experts at Zendbox conducted research to uncover which January sale is the most highly anticipated for January 2023.

Which January Sale Is The Most Highly Anticipated For January 2023?

Researchers investigated the 46 brands with the highest search volume related to January sales. The top ten brands, selected by the highest number of recent Google searches, were then analysed further to uncover the number of Brits searching for related January sales in the past month.

The research uncovered that there was the highest number of Brits searching for “Tesco January sale” than any other British retailer, within the investigation.

The top most in demand January sales were found to be:

  1. Tesco
  2.  Amazon & Sky
  3. Parkdean
  4. London Theatre, BA & Gusto
  5. DFS & Ikea
  6. Currys

January Sale

Marketing Director at Zendbox, Gilson Pereira, Commented On The Findings:

“Typically, sale periods such as the January sales are an opportunity for Brits to bag the biggest bargain. Therefore, the most popular products are usually high-ticket items such as laptops or TVs, as the most money can be saved.”

“However, the fact that Tesco is currently the most popular January sale says a lot about the current economic climate. The Tesco sale tends to include day-to-day items rather than big expensive purchases, indicating that Brits may not have the budget to splash out on a new TV or couch, despite the tempting discounts.” 

Do You Get a Better Deal On The January Sales or Black Friday?

Gilson Pereira explains that the January sales are more likely to provide better deals than Black Friday: 

“Despite being branded as the biggest sale day of the year, the goal of Black Friday for retailers is to make as much money as possible in the lead up to Christmas, and not sacrifice profits.”

“Over the years, it has become quite common for watchdogs to reveal that some retailers have been doubling the price of products in the days prior to Black Friday, only to then offer a 50% discount during the event. As consumers are becoming more aware of these tactics, they are conducting more research before the event to make sure they get a good deal.”

“However, on Boxing Day and during the January sales is when all retailers need to start clearing up stock and releasing tied-up cash. After the Christmas frenzy, we can expect real discounts that offer better deals to consumers. So, if you are looking for real discounts and are not afraid of a product running out of stock, wait until Boxing Day to make your purchases.”

Zendbox conducted the findings to estimate the most popular January sale for 2023.