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Tesco leading the way in click & collect with Asda following behind

Research conducted by Instantly revealed, 60% of consumers feel that Tesco offers the best click & collect service whilst Asda is a not too distant second with 47%.

The survey was completed by 1,054 UK consumers and looked at how often respondents use click & collect and the reasons behind their decisions.

Tesco came out on top with its click and collect service receiving the most positive response (60%) to the question of which company ‘does click and collect well’. It led brands including Asda, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis. Amazon were deemed to offer the poorest click and collect service (16%) but good news for retailers, when asked which companies offer a ‘poor’ click and collect service, the majority of respondents (24%) answered that they were unable to single one out. This suggests, that overall, retailers are providing a satisfactory click and collect service to customers.

Other key findings include:

  • Over half (57%) of respondents use click and collect as a result of the other options being more expensive and almost three quarters (72%) also revealing time saving was behind their decision for choosing click and collect.
  • £5 is the maximum that the most respondents (42%) are willing to pay for click and collect whilst almost a third (30%) argue the service should be free of charge.
  • Click and collect has the most potential for the clothing and fashion industry with 56% choosing clothes shopping as their main use of click and collect and 64% selecting fashion as the most suitable industry to the service.

Ben Leet, UK MD of Instantly, said: ‘Today, people are constantly on the move and expect to have access to their favoured services and products at all times. Brands must always be looking for ways to deliver their products to customers in the most efficient way. Our research has given brands an insight into what their target audience is looking for from click and collect and reasons behind these suggestions, allowing them to reassess and offer the best service for their customers.’

Instantly conducted this study on the 27th July and was completed by 1,054 members of the general population.

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