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The benefits of an automatic car

Many people find that driving a manual transmission vehicle is challenging, stressful and gives them too much to think about. This in turn could make driving more stressful than it needs to be and in some cases, dangerous.

Driving an automatic car can be a great option in many cases and has a host of benefits to consider. There has been a stigma against driving automatic in years past, but this has faded as more and more people realise the benefits.

Easier to drive

The most obvious benefit of driving an automatic car is that they are easier to drive. They are easier, they give you less to think about and can make driving much less stressful. This also means that automatic cars are ideal for those that have a physical disability or a mobility issue, so they can be life-changing for those that might be unable to drive manual.

They can be more reliable

Another major perk to consider is that you are less likely to encounter issues when you drive automatic. A manual transmission vehicle is much more complex, which means that more can go wrong. Having a car breakdown can be disruptive and costly, so you might find that automatic is the best option.

Easier to navigate when in traffic

If you find yourself often stuck in traffic, an automatic can be much easier as you do not have to worry about starting, accelerating, de-accelerating and stopping. All you have to do with an automatic is push a single pedal, so this makes being in traffic much easier and less stressful.

Reduced risk of stalling

Do you stall often? This can be an embarrassing issue and it is easy to get flustered when you stall, but this is very rare in an automatic and will only occur if there is a mechanical problem with the vehicle.

Better for tricker roads and hilly areas

Many find that an automatic makes it much easier to drive on tricky roads and hilly areas. Navigating a steep incline can be a challenge even for experienced drivers, especially if it is from a dead stop, but this is not an issue when you drive automatic.

Will become the norm

Another important factor to consider is that automatic vehicles will become the norm in the near future. Electric cars don’t have a gearbox, so this way of driving will gradually fade over time as more and more people make the switch. If you want to try driving an automatic, you might find that leasing a vehicle will be a great way to do this without making the full commitment of purchasing the vehicle.

As you can see, there is a range of benefits to driving an automatic over a manual and it is easy to see why so many motorists are now opting for this option.