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How to track your vehicle on a smartphone

We live in an age where almost every individual has a car and a smartphone. With the advancements made to smartphones and tablets, they give us an increased level of awareness and convenience.

The world becomes more mobile driven each and every day, we have access to various information with the help of these advanced technological devices. After the latest developments in GPS technology, the prices have come down and ordinary people have started taking advantage of vehicle tracking lately.

There are various reasons why you would want to keep a close eye on your vehicle such as; its real-time location, the condition of the vehicle or for keeping a strict maintenance schedule and performance history. Another reason is if you live in a neighbourhood with high car theft statistics. For this very reason, it is almost mandatory to install a vehicle tracking device to your car because it enables you to track its movements in real-time, examine route history or send commands such as immobilising your vehicle. Cloud tracking software allows you to easily track your vehicle using your smartphone and tablets while you’re outside the office.

Smartphones and tablets keep us connected with the online world. Using a GPS tracking APP, you’re able to track your vehicle without the need for a computer. With the use of vehicle tracking APP, you can access information about your vehicle whenever you want. You can access all the information you need from your smartphone to stop a potential theft or locate your fleet drivers. You can also set-up alerts to receive notifications if a vehicle enters or leaves points of interest and geo-fence zones. Having this information at your fingertips in a matter of seconds is vital when it comes to improving security.

Most important benefit of implementing GPS tracking solutions is that fleet managers and owners can track the location of their fleet vehicles in real-time; where they are headed and where they were. A detailed GPS tracking platform provides data for fleet managers such as speed, routes taken, fuel usage and more. With this data, managers can make decisive assessments and lower guesswork. Smartphones allow them to have constant access to all the essential information to manage their fleet and make changes wherever necessary. Devices like smartphones and tablets come in very handy when you have dozens or hundreds of vehicles in the field, as they reduce the response time considerably.

Whether you need to leave your office for an emergency or a meeting, you can’t afford to lose track of your fleet. A smartphone tracking app allows you to manage your fleet, even if you aren’t in the office. GPS tracking software provides fleet owners and managers with the flexibility they need to check on their fleets and make necessary changes to delivery timelines or daily tasks. You can think of it like having a control device in your hand, you can oversee your entire operation from a smartphone and see all the detailed information such as where your drivers stop and for how long. Smartphone access and being able to manage their fleet more effectively also reduces expenses and increases customer satisfaction.

Some of the key features you can use with your tablet or smartphone are:

  • Live Tracking: You can track the location of your vehicle in real-time by using the vehicle tracking software anywhere, anytime.
  • History: Tracking platforms store data to be accessed later, you can examine your travel history for previous trips up to months.
  • Geo-fence zone: Using this feature, you can set-up geofence zones around a certain area and set alerts for entering or leaving these predetermined areas.
  • Route: You can analyse the routes taken and create shorter paths and save them, trigger alerts if your vehicle enters or leaves a preset route.

GPS tracking software can also be used for sending commands to your vehicle such as immobilisation and most tracking platforms have a fully customisable user-friendly interface that you can access with your smartphone.

Smartphones and tablets are a great way to track your vehicles and keep an eye on them. With the help of an advanced tracking platform, you can increase your vehicle’s security immensely while having access to vital information in case of an emergency.