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The importance of storage for your retail business

You’d be surprised at how many retail businesses rely on storage areas without even realising it – and this does not merely mean inventory and stock. This could be a dedicated filing space in an office, a stockroom in a shop, or larger off-site facilities.

Naturally, in some instances, there just isn’t enough room on business premises, which is where off-site facilities can be the perfect solution. We’re exploring why and how storage can play such a vital role in a retail business, from the small start-up, using a wine cabinet, through to the big corporations using industial refrigeration…

More space

Whether your business is expanding with more employees or you’ve got a bumper load of additional stock that needs to be stored somewhere, this could be the perfect reason to use storage in your business. Finding a suitable off-site location, such as a reputable storage facility could be the perfect place to house your items. This will free up valuable space in your business premises that can be put to better use and improve efficiency.

Additional security

Another key factor in using business storage, is that it can give you added security in keeping business sensitive data or merchandise secure. By housing your vital data or products off-site in a secure location, you automatically reduce the incidents of it being stolen and getting into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, this also means that in the event your business experiences a fire, flood or any situation where disaster recovery is required, your items in storage will still be kept safe and secure regardless, costing less in recovery costs, replacements and time. This shows the importance of storage when combined with health and safety policies. Fire, in particular, is a big one, as you could lose pivotal documents if you don’t consider your fire and storage policies as one. Check out this fire alarm maintenance guide if you need further information regarding fire safety for your retail business.

A quick solution

Running a business of any kind is a balancing act, especially with merchandise companies, who are constantly buying and selling products to sell on to meet their client’s demands. This can all too often throw up problems in terms of storage space, as an over-order or cancelled contract can leave you with too much stock to house in one place, so this is where additional storage can be very helpful. It offers a flexible and affordable solution to a short-term problem and can be utilised at any time as a temporary or permanent solution.

Increased efficiency

Effective storage solutions can definitely have a dramatic impact on business efficiency, as decluttering an office and putting items, such as business archives, unused stock or furniture into storage will free up space in the area and make a more systematic approach to the daily functions within a business.

An overcrowded area can drastically affect productivity levels, whereas a decluttered working environment will make the area more user-friendly and efficient in the process.

Improved health & safety

Following on from the previous point of efficiency, using the right storage solution to meet your business needs will also ensure optimum health and safety levels too. Clearing your business space will reduce the number of risk elements and hazards, such as clutter, dirt, dust and physical obstacles.