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Tips to make a retail office more spacious

An office is where the work takes place, and with any business, it’s important that the retail office functions well to support every staff member and is appealing to those visiting as guests.

With this in mind, here are some tips to make a retail office more spacious.

Put staff in charge of their space

Staff should treat the office as if it’s a place of their own. It may not be theirs, but the attitude should remain the same that it’s kept neat and tidy. Try to encourage staff to be aware of keeping everything clean in communal areas. When it comes to their own workspace, though, it’s important to make it a work rule that their working space is kept clean and that it should never be cluttered. If it happens, then you or a manager can step in to point out what needs to be fixed.

Remove all debris and clutter

Cardboard boxes, old products and electrical items all clutter up your office, especially if you have an abundance of them. Eventually, the problem can become so bad that you run out of room to move, let alone work, meaning that you’re renting space for no benefit. Instead of allowing junk to accumulate in your buildings, get it removed. Hiring out MHF waste management trucks, for example, deals with the problem quickly, improving space in your store.

retail office boxesInvest in self-storage

As a business develops, so too does the staffing, and therefore, there’s a lot more stuff that will just be hanging around the space. From boxes to filing, it all takes up valuable space and that’s not something you want when you have staff climbing over things to get to and from their desk. In that case, there may be an option to store all of these materials elsewhere, in an off-site location. Self-storage is something that many companies and professionals use to keep anything they don’t need immediately, in a separate space. Companies like can offer an ideal situation for whatever amount of space you require. This way, you can continue to grow and keep what isn’t always needed elsewhere. This helps to maintain the space within the office and that everything outside the office is reachable, but more importantly, secure.

Try more open-planning

Remember that your retail store should be open-plan with a layout that makes walking around the store, easy. The same goes for your office space, and that open-plan can be a great way of making even the smallest of spaces feel big. Look at what’s available on the floors currently and whether there’s an opportunity to knock a wall or two down to help create more space. The more light you can let in, the better as this will make the room feel a lot more atmospheric and also a happier space that people will want to be in.

Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging the furniture can have a great improvement in your office because the position some of it’s in now may not the most functional. It may have been ideal, to begin with, but have a go at changing around the space to see if it can be made even more functional than it is. Tucking desks against the walls and moving larger pieces of furniture out of the way will certainly help make it all feel spacious.

Space is a premium element in a lot of company offices, but work with what you have and use the tips to help make your retail office more spacious.