The Secret to Excellent Courier Service

The continuous rise of e-commerce is hard to ignore, especially from an entrepreneur’s standpoint. Delivery/fleet and courier services are becoming quite the enterprise and there is the potential for high levels of success for those that enter this industry even as it becomes more competitive. The key to success with fleet courier services is protecting the business, vehicles and drivers. Read on for a few of the best ways that you can do this.

Evaluate Driver Risk

First, you need to evaluate the risks for your drivers. Obviously, they will be spending a lot of time on the road so this is a major risk that needs to be considered. Courier insurance is essential as a way to protect the vehicle and contents from damage and give you and your drivers peace of mind.

There are other risks as well, though, including injury from heavy lifting and increased risk of various health conditions from being sedentary (in the driving position) for long periods. You should avoid overworking your drivers as this can lead to burnout, which can be a problem in this industry.

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Training is important so that your drivers can carry out their roles safely and efficiently as well as leave a positive impression on customers. This training should include customer service skills, heavy lifting and how to use lifting equipment and time management skills. As your employees will be spending most of their time driving, you will find that driving courses are also worthwhile so that they can become better, safer and more confident drivers. You may want to provide ongoing training to your staff to keep the messages fresh and to create a culture of safety.

Qualifications & Licenses

Of course, there are also qualifications and licenses that you will need in order to operate legally. Indeed, a full driver’s license is essential and if you passed your test after January 1st 1997, you will need further training if you will be driving a vehicle heavier than 3.5 tonnes to get a Category C1 license. In addition to your drivers holding the appropriate licensing, you will also need to make sure that your business is registered and everything is above board before you get started.

Running a delivery company can be a lucrative business venture in today’s day and age, but you do need to consider the best ways to protect your business, vehicles and drivers if you are to achieve high levels of success.