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The Top 6 Retail Technology Trends In 2024

2023 has certainly been a year of challenges and changes, particularly for retailers, with fashion businesses feeling the impact acutely as they adapt to the evolving “new normal.” As digital transformation accelerated through the pandemic, a mere online presence is no longer sufficient. Looking ahead to 2024, the forecast is clear: a surge in superior digital shopping experiences is expected — those that don’t just equal, but potentially exceed traditional in-person shopping. Let’s explore the top retail trends of 2024 that are shaping the industry’s roadmap.

Top 6 Retail Technology Trends In 2024

#1 Click & Collect

In response to social distancing measures, consumers are increasingly turning to Click & Collect services, favoring the convenience and immediacy it offers over conventional in-store shopping. This preference also bypasses the waiting period associated with standard shipping methods.

Projections indicate that moving forward into 2024, half of all shoppers intend to increase their reliance on contactless pickup solutions. For retailers seeking to stay ahead of the curve, embracing this trend could be one of the most straightforward and effective strategies in the current retail landscape.

#2 Spatial Computing

Get ready to welcome a new revolution in retail experience with the introduction of “spatial computing” — and leading the charge is Apple’s innovative Vision Pro device. This cutting-edge technology, fueled by powerful processors and ultra-high resolution supported by rapid global networks, is set to change the way we shop online forever.

Imagine the luxury of trying out products in the comfort of your own space – that’s what Apple Vision Pro promises. It combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to make browsing and interacting with products as natural as if they were right in front of you. With AR, items can now be visualized as life-size within your environment, and with simple movements of your eyes, hands, or voice, you can engage with them in a never-before-seen interactive shopping experience.

It’s not just trends in retail that are developing so quickly. Everything around is moving by leaps and bounds. Even fax has become online fax. Through faxing apps, you can do absolutely everything related to faxing. First, you can scan in the fax app, then edit and send, and at the end, you can even receive a report on the receipt of the fax. Once the technology went digital, it became even more attractive to businesses. It has all the same advantages, but fewer restrictions.

#3 The Era of Hyper-Personalized

Retail businesses take note – today’s shoppers from all walks of life crave personalized experiences during their buying journey. Our analysis, echoing Forrester’s findings, reveals that an overwhelming 73% of consumers long for engagements that delight and surprise them when interacting with brands. However, a mere 18% feel that companies hit the mark on personalization. By seamlessly integrating personalized product suggestions, targeted promotions, and content that aligns with each shopper’s distinct preferences and behaviors, retailers are not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations for personalization.

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#4 Visual Search

Visual search empowers your customers to locate products using images rather than text-based queries. By leveraging photos from real life, such as a screenshot, a picture from social media, or a personal photo, visual search brings a more intuitive product discovery process to your e-commerce platform.

Imagine your shoppers having the ability to simply upload an image of a product or style they’re interested in. Our cutting-edge visual search technology then scans your digital inventory to present the closest matches. It doesn’t stop there; it also recommends similar items that align with the customer’s initial search, significantly enhancing the shopping experience.

#5 Omnichannel Retail Experiences

The solution lies in crafting a seamless omnichannel experience, often referred to as a “phygital” presence. This method blends the convenience of digital browsing with the tactile satisfaction of in-store shopping. When executed well, it provides shoppers with a harmonious, branded journey, whether they’re clicking through a webpage or walking through physical aisles.

For businesses aiming to stay ahead, synchronizing both physical and online shopping channels is no longer an option—it’s essential. This synergistic approach not only elevates the consumer experience but also broadens the array of choices available, catering to the diverse preferences of today’s shoppers.

#6 Shoppable Videos

Interactive shoppable videos are revolutionizing the retail landscape, presenting unparalleled opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers right at the peak of their interest. Think with Google highlights the massive potential these interactive experiences hold for solidifying a brand’s presence in the modern consumer’s journey.

By integrating shoppable videos, retailers are witnessing a surge in customer engagement—up to a 300% increase—as well as a significant boost in conversions, with rates soaring by up to 70%. Embracing this innovative technology is no longer a choice but a necessity for forward-thinking retailers who aim to stay ahead.


As we glance ahead, game-changing trends stand ready to shake up the retail world come 2024. Melding AI’s brains, the simplicity of automation, and the pop of augmented reality with social shopping’s buzz and clickable video buys puts us right at the edge of a fresh retail chapter. We’re not just seeing tech get a facelift here; we’re talking about a full-on retail transformation that hones in on custom shopping adventures, streamlines the nuts and bolts of business, and tips its hat to green practices.