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Three top strategies to grow your agency in the UK insurance sector

As the owner or top member of the management team of an insurance company, you are expected to be well versed and aware of strategies needed to grow this UK insurance company. However, there are minor little details that may slip by even the most experienced managers and elude budding entrepreneurs in the industry.

These might not seem like the most genius of idea to grow your agency, but they serve as a primary framework upon which your growth strategy can be based.

Of course, it is very much likely that your agency is being run using an already established business plan or model. But as the sector continues to grow even more competitive, there is a need to remain flexible and continue to evolve with the system if you will succeed. Here are 3 top strategies to consider to grow your agency.


This is a basic fact that you most likely know already. Sales have always been and will always be an important part of running a successful insurance company. Even today, with the growing competitiveness in the sector, this simple fact is as true as ever. To survive and thrive as an agency, you must learn how to makes sales. Here are some tips to help you with this:

Hire salespeople

At the heart of your agency’s performance is the ability of every member of your team to be salespersons. Every broker is one way or the other trying to sell an idea. Be sure you are hiring personnel that can sell the idea of your business to people and convince them to take up a policy with you.

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Ensure that your sales team are continually developing and keeping up with the trend. Which is why you should invest as much as you can in sales related training for your team. Everyone on your team must continually evolve to be better advisers and get better at providing valuable information that will help prospective clients make educated choices.

Finally, you must ensure that as you hire and develop you retain as many salespeople in your agency as possible; always keep the best to yourself always.


There was a time that sales used to be everything an insurance agency needed to grow. You were in business if you could sweet talk people enough. These days, marketing has become just as important as sales in ensuring that you get patronized. You must learn to leverage marketing; not just marketing but digital marketing. Digital innovation is the new way of getting things done today.

Most people’s search for services (including insurance) begins online. This means in order to stay relevant you have to develop an effective digital marketing strategy for your business. However, considering how crowded the online space is getting, standing out is becoming quite challenging. Since it is absolutely necessary to stay visible, you need a strong marketing team just as much as you need salespeople to help put your agency in front of as many people as possible. This way your name is the first to come up when they need your services.

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UK’s insurance sector has become hyper-competitive in recent years. Technology has become a tool for driving sales, marketing, and fostering all round effectiveness of your services. Truly, technology is an important tool for so many areas of business. For example, marketing automation software makes it possible to stay connected with your business prospects. It ensures that you are able to engage your clients throughout the sales funnel and take them from being mere prospects to converted loyal customers. CRM software also helps you to deliver highly personalized services based on the way’s customers relate to your business content.

A lead management system will also help you to maximize conversion rates. You can also take advantage of automation software to boost your revenue and grow your business. Day-to-day tasks that would otherwise be tedious can be set to be auto-operated. This allows you to focus on more important aspects of running your business.

The bottom line is that there are so many technological solutions you can take advantage of to grow and make profits. These solutions are already causing disruptive changes in the industry. Failing to follow suit and keep up will most definitely make your insurance company lose out at the end of the day.


While there is a very big chance that you already have some or even all of these strategies to grow your agency in place, there is a need to focus more on driving growth through them. Although there are other important growth strategies which you can employ for your benefit. It is safe to say most of them are hinged on these three strategies. Which means you should note and try to implement them.