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Here’s why your sales skills are valuable

We all know the cliché of the pushy salesperson – forceful and concerned only with making sales. But in fact, a great salesperson has valuable qualities that can be beneficial in many other areas of life.

Technologically-connected consumers have encouraged a change in selling techniques as they are demanding and expect more for their money. As a result, sales techniques have become subtler, focusing on establishing and maintaining a connection with a customer.

Here are some reasons why your sales skills are so important, and how they can be used in other areas of your life.

Building relationships

You can use your skills as a salesperson to build relationships with your friends, family, partners and so on. Much of sales now involves listening and communicating – collaborating to solve a problem rather than using the hard-sell technique to push sales. This is a skill that is crucial in both your work and personal life.

Good communication skills will transfer seamlessly into other jobs as you will be able to easily build working relationships with clients, or market a product to meet customer expectations.

Helping others

Take inspiration from Motorpoint and use your sales skills to help others. They sent some of their salespeople to help at a charity shop in the run up to Christmas, putting their excellent customer service skills to good use by helping to sell all kinds of used items – all for a good cause.

Consider volunteering in your spare time, where you can use valuable skills to make a contribution to the community. Being a people-person will appeal to many businesses and charities who rely on volunteer staff for fundraising, campaigning, event organising and providing advice or information.


A great salesperson knows the products that they’re selling inside and out and convinces their customers to believe the same. So why not use your salesperson expertise to sell yourself? Use your confidence in sales to pitch your skills and qualities to clients, potential employees and even in your personal life to partners and friends.

Use your sales skills to add to your professional CV and further your talents and knowledge. As a sales person, your curiosity and drive are perfect qualities if you want to go onto further study or learn something new.

Your skills in sales are valuable and easily transferable into other areas of your life – whether you are planning a career change, further studies or building relationships. The skills you use as a salesperson, such as collaboration, problem solving and customer service skills, are great qualities to possess in your life.