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Top 30 brands helping people through lockdown

top brands in lockdown netflixNetflix, Amazon and Cadbury’s have emerged as just some of the brands Brits insist are getting them through lockdown, according to a new report by leading promotional products retailer 4imprint.co.uk

Researchers polled the nation to discover the household names that are helping people deal with the ups, downs and hardships of the last year. Movie and TV streaming service Netflix, perhaps unsurprisingly, coming top of brands that have helped people through lockdown.

Runner-up is the retail giant Amazon which keep deliveries going, supplying everything from home schooling provisions to electronics for the millions of home workers.

Not surprisingly then, nearly half (48%) of those polled said they spend more money than usual during the periods of lockdown and three quarters (75%) said it really cheered them up when they knew a delivery was on its way.

Who are the top lockdown brands?

Other brands that feature highly are Facebook in third place, followed by WhatsApp, YouTube and Cadbury’s.

TikTok, Marks and Spencer, ASOS and Aldi were also said to have kept our spirits up, as did Instagram, LEGO, Disney+ and Spotify.

According to The Best Brands Report published by promotional experts 4imprint, one in four said they bought from a brand during lockdown and have since become a loyal customer and 23% insist on buying from British brands in order to feel patriotic.

Of the 1,500 UK consumers polled, 42% said they buy from brands that have good sales and offers on, while a quarter said that speed of delivery was important to them when choosing to buy from one company over an another.

A spokesperson for 4imprint, said: “The research shows most of us would have been lost without certain brands and although technology brands featured highly, brands from more traditional industries are hot on the heels of say Xbox or Apple.”

According to the study, when shopping online 52% of respondents said that price was the most important thing for them. A further 40% explained that the brand – in addition to the price they are willing to pay for it – matters the most, suggesting that brand awareness heavily influences buyer behaviour.

What has impressed UK customers?

Nearly half (47%) of respondents said they felt certain brands have boomed due to their ability to adapt. A strong online presence (44%) and the reliability (36%) of products or services were other reasons cited for success.

The spokesperson, continued: “Competitive pricing coupled with a strong brand presence has never been more important.”

Among some of the most popular purchases people have made this year were clothes (25%) and DIY supplies (13%).

Twenty one percent said simple pleasures like gardening got them through the year and a quarter (25%) said a daily walk really helped.

The top lockdown brands – The full list

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon
  3. Facebook
  4. WhatsApp
  5. YouTube
  6. Cadbury’s
  7. Prime video (Amazon)
  8. Sky TV
  9. Spotify
  10. Instagram
  11. Just Eat
  12. Aldi
  13. Disney +
  14. Apple
  15. TikTok
  16. M&S
  17. Kellogg’s
  18. Snapchat
  19. Sony Playstation
  20. Heinz
  21. PG Tips
  22. Now TV
  23. BBC Sounds
  24. Next
  25. Deliveroo
  26. Nespresso
  27. ASOS
  28. X Box (Microsoft)
  29. Birdseye
  30. LEGO