Top eCommerce trends you must follow in 2019

In recent years, the eCommerce industry has changed drastically making it easy for shoppers to purchase products using their mobile phones. Companies have created applications which are easy to download in the App store. Research shows that at least 42% of users have bought products online.

Companies have created websites that can be accessed by different people with the use of less internet to make a purchase. Because of this fact, both businesses to consumer and business-to-business industries have grown tremendously and are expected to rise in the coming years. Most companies who have adopted elevated reality and practical reality are at a significant advantage because most of this swing will be more in 2019. Here are some of the top eCommerce trends you must follow in 2019.

Improved product research

Products that appear on the first page of search engines are the most searched on eCommerce sites. Most shoppers prefer purchasing products that are popular and have great reviews. Overall brand awareness changes customers’ experience. In 2019, companies will have to change their online presence to reach out to many shoppers as possible. Shoppers will prefer a product that offers different things in the same place. When searching, customers will want the details of the product on one page and short ones with the purchase button in the same area.

Virtual and augmented reality

An increased product reality is one of the trends that is expected to hit most companies in the coming year. Also, shoppers will need a more practical approach which will win their trust when purchasing a product. The merit of augmented reality is that one can look up for more than one product in the same site before making any buying decision. Shoppers can get what they want based on their description and companies can manufacture products based on shopper’s reviews.

Install SSL certificate

In 2019, cyberattacks increased day by day, So To prevent these types of cyberattacks and to secure your customer’s personal information like a debit card, credit card, address, phone number. And other information, every eCommerce website’s owner should install the highest form of SSL certificate that is the EV SSL certificate. EV SSL Certificate helps a website to protect from phishing and also helps to improve your presence in Google search engine.

Excellent customer experience

Today’s customer experience is not the same as tomorrows. Therefore, everyday shopping experience will determine if they will purchase the product tomorrow. Improved customer experience will be improved by the presence of practical or virtual assistants who will help customers get what they are looking for. Having a virtual assistance will help maintain shoppers and also their everyday experience.

Mobile application presence

Most eCommerce sites have mobile apps which help customers shop in the comfort of their living room. eCommerce business owners will have to improve their website to a mobile-friendly way to shorten shoppers’ experience. Most people search product online before making any purchase. At least 286% of shoppers use a mobile application to look up a product they want to purchase than mobile browser. Well-known companies have encouraged shoppers to shop using their mobile phones to rate their overall experience when buying and how to improve if a problem arises.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The use of artificial intelligence has improved the general experience of shoppers. eCommerce businesses have experienced growth since they started using artificial intelligence. The learning machine can save information of each shopper and will have the know-how of what a shopper is likely to purchase next. In 2019, it is expected that business owners will open up eCommerce stores and will adopt artificial intelligence.

Online advertisement

With the knowledge of what each shopper wants. Advertising will be interest based, where adverts of customers preference will be shown when they search for a particular product. Google has tried to show adverts that one may like which has either led to purchase of a product or has improved the entire experience of a shopper. At least one can choose either to continue seeing the advert or not and reasons why don’t want to see it. This kind of rating gives each customer the independence of seeing any product they like.

Personalized shopping

It’s where the learning machines can note the trends of each customer and can store them for the shopper to enhance their next purchase. The personalized way of shopping makes it easy for customers to create a list of products they would like to purchase next time and when that time comes, the intelligence machine can remind the shopper of what they saved last time. One can also add products once the list has been created, even if there is any discount on any product that a shopper purchases, it is sent to their email or on a specific site where one can see it fast.

Purchase offline search online

It is a trend that most shoppers do, they search it in eCommerce stores but purchase them in their local store. For this reason, companies have adopted the door delivery service where one can buy a product online and have it delivered at their doorstep. Local stores will have to open eCommerce stores to stay in the market and also to beat the competition. Most eCommerce companies have their product on each digital platform; this has helped them gain shoppers from different sites.

Online payment methods

In previous years, it was hard to make payment online because most companies did not know how online payment works while others feared to lose a product to a customer they didn’t trust. Now, payment can be made online and receipt sent to your email. Through this type of payment method, many have transacted business and have received massive growth regarding marketing and personal experience.

Image search

In the coming years, one will be able to search for a product using an image and results will appear. Companies will be forced to put up current pictures of their product to enhance quality image search. Sites like Pinterest and eBay have started using this method and have successfully made it possible for customers to get what they were looking for. More of visual search is expected next year.