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Vertu Motors chooses Progress to drive business growth

Progress has announced that Vertu Motors, the UK’s sixth largest motor retailer, is using the Progress® OpenEdge® platform to deliver showroom and backroom applications and websites to improve the sales process for employees and customers. 

Harold Roberts, IT director, Vertu Motors commented: “Showroom application and supporting systems based on the Progress OpenEdge platform have massively streamlined our operations while creating a much more engaging and responsive customer experience. The OpenEdge platform has allowed us to deploy these systems quickly and cost-effectively. By taking our development in-house and using the OpenEdge platform, we also have the freedom to react quickly to changes in the market, integrating new data streams and adding functionality as it becomes available or is needed.”

Vertu has utilised the Progress OpenEdge platform for the entirety of its in-house development projects including its Intranet, showroom applications, management information suite and a number of integrated websites.

Vertu’s showroom system supports the entire sales process. The application enables the sales team to identify whether a customer has visited the dealership before or purchased a car previously. They can then check stock availability, configure a vehicle, construct the deal and contract, and track the order. Thanks to the powerful integration capabilities of the OpenEdge platform, the Showroom system can be connected with a new dealership’s third-party system on day one.

Mark Armstrong, vice president and managing director EMEA at Progress said: “Vertu Motors is the perfect example of how agile development platforms with integrated data streams can help a business achieve its goals. Thanks to the flexibility and above all scalability of the OpenEdge platform, Vertu Motors has been able to confidently acquire new car dealerships and integrate them with their existing systems from day one. We’re very proud to see how our technology has empowered the company and facilitated its significant growth.”

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