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What Are The Latest Trends in Branded Content Creation?

Digital content creation is currently one of the easiest (and most effective) ways for businesses to promote their brand to the masses. With the average adult spending 2 hours a day on social media, a well-placed branded ad or post can help businesses increase sales and custom or build brand awareness.

However, the world of content creation is continually evolving in order to keep up with everything, from changes to platform algorithms and customer expectations. This means that marketers need to keep a keen eye on the latest trends in order to ensure that their branded content is as effective as possible.

With that in mind, here are some of the latest trends in branded content creation.

Interactive Content

Studies have found that branded content with interactive elements tends to receive greater engagement than more traditional forms of content. This is because, by its very nature, it encourages users to “interact” with the content rather than scroll by.

For example, brands can utilise features such as Instagram stories to create quiz-style branded content that encourages users to interact with their posts and find out more about the brand. Polls and Q&A content can also work to a similar effect while also proving to be an excellent way to help businesses gain deeper insights into the minds of their customers.

After all, their response to these polls and quizzes allows users to find out more about what their customers are interested in so that they can tailor both their content and business plans moving forward. As a general rule, any level of interactivity in branded content can increase the amount of engagement it receives.

Video Content

Thanks to the rise of platforms such as TikTok and updates to traditional social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook reels, short-form video content is also incredibly popular among consumers. This is because it is a fun yet easily digestible way to connect with brands.

As such, business owners looking to create effective branded content, whether advertising a new product or working to share their story with a wider audience, should focus on Brand Video Production moving forward. This becomes especially pertinent when you consider that studies have found that video content can be 12 times more effective than images and infographics.

Working with a video production agency ensures that brands can create effective, eye-catching video content that ticks all the right boxes. For example, production agencies can ensure that the content effectively conveys the brand message, story, and tone and that it is shot in the highest possible quality. As well-edited, high-quality content tends to perform better, this is a worthwhile investment.

Relatable Content

According to the latest research, customers prefer to support brands that they feel as though they can relate to. This helps to foster a stronger brand/consumer relationship, which often results in greater loyalty over time. As such, business owners should also work to ensure that their branded content is relatable and sincere.

For example, when creating video content, they should ensure that it provides the viewer with a deeper understanding of their brand and the steps they take to provide for or support their customers. Above all, authenticity is key in the current climate.

Top Tips For Adopting The Latest Trends In Branded Content Creation

Often, the key to succeeding in the world of branded content creation lies in simply consuming as much content as possible. For example, spending time on social media allows the user to become aware of the latest trends or the kind of content that gains the most traction so that they can adjust their own content plan accordingly.

While the content created should always be original and unique, paying attention to the kind of content created by their competitors is also useful. This helps business owners to develop a deeper understanding of the kind of content customers are most likely to interact with.

However, the process of creating branded content is incredibly time-consuming, and business owners have a lot of work on their hands outside of their marketing endeavours. For this reason, one of the easiest ways to ensure that the latest trends are factored into their content is to work with content creation agencies, such as video production companies.

After all, this means that business owners can put their best foot forward when creating compelling content.