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What Are The Most Popular Cars In The Auto Market?

If you are considering a new car, is it because you are spending too much on your current vehicle? It’s a good idea to keep on top of maintenance. This includes getting it serviced regularly, checking your brakes and fluids regularly, and investing in some sturdy all-season tyres. Read on to learn whata the most popular cars on the market are.

But sometimes you just know it’s time for a fresh driving experience. When thinking about a new car, there are several factors you, as a buyer, will probably take into consideration. These could include reliability, speed, looks, tech and the fuel type it uses.

You may be tossing up between several brands. Brand reputation is an important consideration for many car shoppers, as is the brand image. So, what are some of the most popular car brands in the UK right now?


We know Ford best for its stylish designs, combined with reliable engineering and family-friendly features. In fact, the bestselling car model in the UK right now is the Ford Puma, an SUV-crossover sibling to the now-discontinued Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta itself was a bestseller for many years, so it seems that the Puma is now attracting customers who are looking for a similar drive.

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Vauxhall is another unfailingly popular car brand in the UK. In 2022, it expanded its market share from 4.06% to 6.22%. This was the fastest retail growth we’ve seen across car manufacturers in the UK. The Corsa is one of the favourite Vauxhall models, especially with newer drivers, who value its reputation for reliability and its comfortable position in one of the lower-cost insurance groups.

The Vauxhall Astra is also very well-liked. It’s a highly economical hatchback with a smart appearance, high levels of comfort and relatively low running costs.


In the electric car market, Tesla is the clear leader. Perhaps the first car brand to make electric SUVs accessible to the wider market, Tesla has been creating EVs with impressively fast acceleration for more than ten years. With their own network of chargers exclusively for Tesla cars, they offer faster charging and greater convenience for drivers who are just breaking into the EV market.


Nissan is another brand that enjoys widespread success in the UK. The Qashqai and Juke models have long been up there on lists of the nation’s favourite crossover SUVs. These models benefit from low noise levels while driving, highly responsive engines and lots of fabulous interior tech.

The brand has also made waves with its highly reliable EV model, the LEAF. An EV can be a significant investment, so the LEAF has been received well, thanks to its 5-star Euro NCAP ratings and the comparatively high 289-mile range it is capable of.


And we can’t forget Volkswagen, who have been selling car models to suit all tastes for as long as we can remember. Whether it’s a hatchback, SUV, saloon or estate you need, you’ll find something in Volkswagen’s extensive range.

Hatchbacks like the Golf and Polo are beloved by British drivers everywhere. The Polo is a comfy car with lots of space, a convenient 5-door design that makes it great for families and a generous amount of space in the boot.

When buying a new car, you will want to find a model that fits in with your lifestyle and isn’t needlessly expensive to run. By knowing your way around Britain’s best-loved car brands, you can quickly get a better idea of what you should be looking for.