Win 500 Personalised Business Cards!

Advertising your business is a must. It helps your business get out there and reach a wide audience. A competitive market not only means it is difficult to gain brand awareness, but you also need to stand out amongst the competition. Google ads is a common tool websites and businesses take advantage of to spread their brand. And while technologies now allow you to market your business online effectively. Promotional material such as business cards are still very effective for your company. Personalised business cards can help you reach a wider market and audience. They can also be a useful tool for networking with similar companies.

Personalised Business Cards

Business cards are a cost-effective way to spread awareness of your brand. Many businesses, especially SMEs, still use them as part of their marketing. A unique business card can be eye-catching and make your business memorable. This can make you stand out from the competition!

Business cards can be as simple or as detailed as you want. They should give a clear image of your industry and what your business means. In some cases, the simpler the better, an overcomplicated design can take away from its message. However, the most important part to remember is that it will represent your business.

Footprint Signs and Graphics are offering a chance to win 500 personalised business cards. The cards will be double-sided and full colour with a matte laminate finish. The card can feature your company logo, contact details, and social media details. There can also be space for a marketing tagline or product listing. The design time for the business cards will be limited to 30 minutes and a high-resolution image of your logo will be required.

If you want to enter, fill out the form below for your chance to win 500 business cards.

Competitions ends on 20th July 2021.