How the e-commerce boom triggered a transformation in retail logistics

In recent years, e-commerce has been transforming the retail world. The trend has continued to grow with B2C e-commerce bringing in trillions of dollars each year. With this rapid growth, online retailers must learn to adapt to the ever-expanding growth and how it will affect their distribution network infrastructures.

Logistics is now considered to be the backbone of the online retail industry. Tech-savvy retailers in both developing and developed countries that update new logistics models, develop new distribution centres and understand the supply chain complexities in different regions will be able to integrate their businesses seamlessly which will result in omni-channel retail.

Mobile users are now leading the e-commerce surge in developing markets all over the world. This surge will continue as Millennials form a larger percentage of each nation’s population over the coming years. This will drive the size of the consumer pool and allow for integrated technology in every industry. Taking this into consideration, 2 Flow made this infographic that gives us all the statistics and facts on how the e-commerce boom has driven a massive transformation in retail logistics.


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