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Spreadshirt opens Amazon Marketplace doors for UK sellers

Spreadshirt’s top sellers in the UK are being handpicked to spotlight on the Amazon Marketplace, dramatically expanding their routes-to-market.

On-trend and seasonal products on the Spreadshirt platform are chosen to be transferred to the Amazon UK marketplace, further extending sellers’ reach to their key customers and helping them interact on a much wider scale with their target audience. Top sellers in the UK are t-shirts which mark a special occasion, clothing which honours a sports team and anything with funny slogans or images.

Spreadshirt CEO, Philip Rooke, comments “The Amazon marketplace offers our designers and partners an additional opportunity to be seen by millions of engaging customers. This is a natural progression in our multi-channel offering that will strengthen our sellers’ links to customers and attract new ones and drive their businesses forward.”

Rooke continues: “We think the rise of external marketplaces is a key trend and have set up a division to respond to it. eBay now offers B2C routes and other, previously industry-only players, are entering the consumer market. This diversification of sales channels can only benefit Spreadshirt and our sellers, so we’re making it an important part of our long-term strategy”.

The Spreadshirt platform connects millions of interesting ideas from businesses and individuals to the millions of consumers searching for ideas that resonate with them. It provides multiple channels to bring ideas to life on clothing.  These points of sale include 3rd party e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, white-label and social media shops, and countless other applications using Spreadshirt’s API.

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