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3 ways to reliably make money online

The Internet claims that there are many ways to make money online. However, the absolute majority of them are a scam and those that are left offer a completely unlivable wage.

So, instead of bombarding you with dozens of different useless options, here are just three ways to reliably make money online.


Freelancers are entrepreneurs that provide their services on-demand. The name “freelancer” was coined by journalists that weren’t attached to a specific newspaper and instead shopped their articles around. Nowadays, freelancing is common in pretty much any sphere — from creative writing and design to programming and architecture.

However, for the most part, freelance is connected to the internet itself. The most in-demand professions for freelance are:

  • Web-developer. Everybody needs a website and not everyone is willing to build one. Of course, websites like Wix do exist, but those that want a custom design have to shell out up to 60 USD per hour for a good web developer.
  • SEO-specialist. Search Engine Optimisation plays an important role in the popularity of your website, and a lot of companies are willing to pay good money for this service. Namely, up to 40 USD per hour.
  • Copywriter. Nobody wants to visit a website with bad content, so good copywriters are always in demand. Big names in the industry can easily ask 40 USD per hour of their work.

All of these professions can be studied on your own. For example, to become a web developer, you just need to complete the FreeCodeCamp web development certificate. It will take you upward of 100 hours, but it’s more than worth it in the end.

The most popular platform for freelancing is Upwork, but most countries have at least one national platform too. And while you might not be able to get the same rates as experienced freelancers, you’ll still be able to make a livable wage.

Image stocks

There is no connection with actual stocks and bonds — we’ll talk about them later. Instead, image stocks are collections of images uploaded by their contributors.

Whenever any company needs an image for marketing purposes, they do not make such images themselves — instead, they access image stocks and see what is available. Once they find the one they like, they will pay the image stock for it, and the image stock will pay the original uploader.

The income is somewhat hard to calculate — most stocks have a minimum payment of $0.25 for a single download, but the upper limit can be much higher. If your image or photo is picked up by a major publication, you can receive 60 USD or even more.

That said, you are not the only one that attempts to make money on the image stocks — there are 1.4 million Shutterstock contributors uploading on average 60 images per day each. But it is passive income — once you uploaded your image it will keep making you money until the end of time.

The best image stock is Shutterstock. However, you can also take a look at Flickr and 123rf.

Asset trade

A lot of people invest their savings in stocks, commodities, foreign currency and other assets that are sure to rise in value in the future. However, it is not always applicable, since there are two major issues with this strategy.

  1. You need to have money, to begin with. Safe investment opportunities produce 5-6% of annual profit, which means you only get 50 USD per year from each 1 000 USD invested. If you want to live off it, you’ll need hundreds of thousands USD as your starting investment.
  2. Your investment opportunity must constantly rise in value. And it’s not easy to predict which ones will. For example, gold used to be the ultimate “safe investment” and then it tanked hard in the late 2000s. Only recently had it been able to reclaim the positions it used to hold a decade ago.

If you are not OK with either of these downsides — that’s OK. There is another way of making money on assets — trading. It’s not as safe, but it also offers much higher profits and can be used on any market — not only an uptrading one.

How much can you make by trading assets

The friendliest asset trading market for newcomers is Forex. It’s a foreign currency exchange, established to help supply world trade. And while the majority of trade there is done by the national and international banks, private traders can also have a piece of a pie.

As long as you are using proper trading strategies — for example, Lazy River Scalping or Proce Action — you can easily make 20% profit each month. However, you will need a good broker to maintain these rates. One of them is JustForex.

JustForex has been on the Forex market for almost a decade by now and the package they offer is incredibly elegant. You get access to their daily analytics, great educational materials, the best trading system in class and very attentive customer support. If you want to make money on the Forex market — you won’t find a better starting point than JustForex Cent account.