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4 marketing tech tips for small businesses in the age of COVID

COVID-19 is throwing up all kinds of obstacles for small businesses to overcome.

In order to successfully navigate these obstacles, businesses need to get smart about how they market themselves. With these four tips, you can get the most out of your marketing tech.

Harness social media

Social media marketing has the potential to bring you enormous returns on the investment that you make, especially if you have a savvy social media manager at the helm of your accounts. However, for many businesses, it makes sense to automate some or all of their social media output. Social media bots and management tools are now widely available, both in free and premium varieties.

Simply having a presence on social media won’t cut it; you need to be active.

Be clear in your communications

Whether you are using email marketing or making a post to social media, it is essential that your communications with staff and customers are crystal clear. Consumers care about this whole COVID-19 thing, so reassure them that you are doing your bit to keep them and your staff safe.

Don’t kill your marketing budget

If your business is still operating in any capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you are going to want to have active marketing campaigns. If your business is shut down, you should be getting things in place for when you reopen, to the extent that you can, of course. In all but a few cases, it would be counterproductive in the long term for small businesses to reduce their marketing budgets to zero.

Instead of eliminating your marketing spending, try to refocus it, so you are able to get more back from your investment. For example, Zesty Marketing offers an Express Marketing package that is ideal for small businesses. You’ll get help with your SEO, as well as PPC and social media ad campaigns – everything a small business needs to thrive during COVID-19. Unless you already have a team of experts in each of these technologies, the Express Marketing package from Zesty Marketing is an excellent value.

Follow the data

Are you sick of hearing phrases like “the new normal”? Wherever you go, people are constantly referring to the fact that the world is suddenly very different for all of us. Of course, there is a reason for this – people are still adjusting to the very sudden changes that they have had to make to their lives and routines. No one is quite sure what the future holds or for how long.

Because of this uncertainty, data is going to be important. Whenever you are in doubt, rely on the data to tell you what your customers think and what the best ways of reaching them are. Any data that can help you to identify new revenue streams and increase the profitability of your business while the economy is depressed and profits are down is worth exploring. People’s behaviour during this time might be counter-intuitive and difficult to predict. Data doesn’t lie (assuming it’s good data, of course).

There are numerous ways that technology can help small businesses to market themselves. Right now, these tools are even more important as businesses need to maximise their ROI while profits are down. The marketing tech tips above will help to ensure that your marketing is as effective as it can be during the age of COVID.