6 Refreshing Drinks For Your Customers On a Hot Summer Day

On a hot summer day there is nothing as refreshing as an ice-cold drink, especially a tried and tested slushie. Everyone knows the most popular flavours: strawberry and raspberry but there’s much more you can experiment with slushies. Get creative with the best slush recipes, from traditional strawberry to tropical twists or even cocktails. There are so many tasty options!

With a slush machine, you can improvise and choose the slushie flavours that would work best for your business and your clients. There are options for standard and even alcoholic versions, so any age can be accommodated!

1.    Lemon & Lime Slush

Lemon & lime slush is always a lifesaver for children (or adults) who are big fans of a sour twist.

Tangy and delightfully citrusy, including this option in your slush machine is  great idea during the warmest months.

2.    Pink Bubblegum Slush

The most nostalgic of slushie flavours, perfect for younger children. A pink bubblegum slush is sweet and let’s be honest: impossible to put down.

3.    Mixed Fruit Slush

When you simply can’t decide between strawberry, raspberry and some other variant of your favourite flavours, you don’t have to compromise… and neither do your customers.

A mixed fruit slush is proof that you can’t go wrong when you combine several flavours together.


4.    Orange Slush

This is one of the most familiar flavours, especially since we’ve all gotten to enjoy it through different types of food and drinks since childhood: orange juice, jaffa cakes, orange sweets… you name it.

Plus, orange slush recipes are perfect all year round. You can’t go wrong with them.

5.    Mojito Slushie

One of our favourites. A list of the best slush recipes wouldn’t be complete without it.

One of the coolest (pun intended) things about them is that classic cocktail syrups are actually alcohol-free. You can sell them both as mocktails for children or add a spirit to market them to grownups.

Mojito slush is obviously one of the most popular slush recipes when it comes to cocktails. With the immediately recognisable tangy flavour of lime and mint, it’s ideal for an exotic-themed day.

6.    Piña Colada Slushie

Exotic pineapple, creamy coconut, and, if you decide to include it, a dash of rum: what’s not to like?

Take your customers away to the exotic place with this tropical syrup.

Just as there are plenty of slush recipes that you can try at home, at Mr Cool it they offer dozens of syrups to let you unleash your creativity once you own the slush machine.

You can decide to be known for a selected range of flavours or switch slush recipes on a regular basis, creating themed days with new options to attract more customers. Why not keep surprising them… the possibilities are endless.

All of these slush recipes are bright and colourful, ideal to help your slush machine turn even more heads when someone walks by your business.