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6 ways to use branded products to promote your business

Businesses can benefit enormously from using branded products. With a huge range of options available – from mugs and water bottles to t-shirts and notepads – there’s no end to the potential opportunity to get your business logo and brand colours out there.

Here we take a look at six great ways that you can use branded products to promote your company branding and build a buzz around your business.


Perhaps the simplest way to use branded products is as a free giveaway. This is something that you might associate specifically with companies with products to sell – for example, giving away a free sample – but you can actually use branded products in exactly the same way. Giving out free gifts, either at events or simply to the general public is a great option to get your brand recognition. It can generate interest and awareness of your product or services.

Another giveaway option comes in the form of a competition, where branded products can be used as a prize. This can be extremely beneficial to your business as it encourages extended interaction with your brand in order to win the prize.

At conferences and talks

If your business has a stand at a conference or event, or you have a member of the team giving a talk it can be a great opportunity to use branded products to capitalise and promote your business. It is important prioritise enhancing your brand presence at these sorts of events, as they can be an extremely valuable place to gain sales leads or find partner businesses to work with.

There is a huge range of options that you can go for but it is great to go with useful items such as pens and writing pads – something that any attendee at a conference is going to need.

Launches and announcements

Branded products can also be an extremely valuable addition to a product or service launch event or a large-scale announcement. Part of what can make them so effective is that they remind anyone who receives them about the event itself about it, winning leads and recognition long after the event itself.

Again, don’t assume that this is only something that you can do if you create products. There are lots of branded options that could be given at any kind of announcement or service launch such as branded water bottles or bags.

Products for staff

Giving out products to staff can have a wide range of benefits. Firstly, the staff members themselves will appreciate the free gift – especially if it is something that they will use naturally. But also, providing items such as branded clothing help to build a sense of rapport and community among your team.

Your staff can act as brand ambassadors by wearing clothing or using items with company logos on too. Just make sure that you have a policy in place to make sure that staff doesn’t wear their company clothing in inappropriate situations – it doesn’t look great to have someone in your business-branded clothing getting drunk.

For clients (and potential clients)

One great use for company-branded products is to distribute out to existing and potential clients. For existing clients you can promote repeat business, which can be extremely profitable for your company.

If you are targeting potential clients then it is vital that you put a lot of research into how the product is going to benefit and impress them. And of course, make sure that you have a way of tracking your leads so you can understand whether your campaign has been a success or not.

Reward customer loyalty

Also, don’t forget that you can use giving away branded products as a way to reward the loyalty of your customers. Once again it is best to give away products that customers can use and enjoy, which will help them to think of your business in a positive light. You must take any chance that you get to promote your business and build a better relationship with your customers – and rewarding loyalty is one of those opportunities.