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SARAR creates a flagship store on the Ko

Konigsallee in Dusseldorf, known as the ‘Ko’ to locals, is the height of chic. It is a shopper’s paradise boasting top brands and their flagship stores.

To promote its brand, global fashion giant SARAR has created an iconic flagship store on the ‘Ko’, with a bold design, stunning decor and a bespoke lighting system to match.

The imaginative lighting solution has 173 wall lights from Soberg Lystek along with Bridgelux BXRA 4,000 LED fittings, powered by Harvard Engineering’s LED drivers. This combination of leading technologies gives SARAR comprehensive control over its lit environment, enabling a dynamic and flexible ambience to be created to suit its changing product range.

The inbuilt ability to set different lux levels across the store, of between 1,380 and 1,900, allows for certain areas to be highlighted, and throughout creates a refined and sophisticated look, ideally suited to reflect SARAR’s own luxurious brand.

Harvard’s CLQ drivers act as the interface between the lights and the main power supply. They deliver up to 62W with a well-regulated output current of 2100mA. As they ensure the power supplied to the LED is optimised, the CLQ single channel drivers provide a high-performance solution for powering high-brightness LEDs.

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