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Better beauty business marketing in 4 simple steps

Getting your products noticed in a sea of competitors has long been an issue for those in the beauty industry. Happily, robust marketing techniques can help here. Read on to find out more. 

Step one – become an expert

Guess what?! The thing about the beauty industry is that people don’t want to buy things off of sellers that don’t know what they are talking about. If they are going to part with their money, and use your products on their skin, nails, and hair, customers want to be 100% sure that they can trust you. 

The good news is that if you are in the beauty biz you probably have a great deal of insightful knowledge and expertise that you can share with your customers. Indeed, doing this provides you with many benefits including building trust and getting your brand name out there. 

With that in mind, focus on building authority in your industry by having a presence on social media, and publishing expert content. Where possible contribute to industry journals and conversations online too, especially in places like Twitter. You may even want to set up a forum or webinar to deal with specific subjects where you can offer practical advice to customers, or others in your industry. Just be sure not to give all your secrets away! 

Step two – understand the current trends

Right now the beauty industry is focused on certain things. These include vegan and cruelty-free products, all-natural products, curly girl products, and environmentally friendly products and packaging.   

Of course, by staying ahead of these trends, then applying them to your own business, and drawing attention to them through your marketing, you can better align your products to the needs of your market and ensure success. 

Although remember to always align the trend you decide to follow with what your ideal customer is looking for. Indeed, any changes you make in your business need to match the profile of your ideal customers, as well as your brand values. Otherwise, you could find they come off as inauthentic and this can hurt rather than help your marketing efforts. 

Step three – perfect your packaging

In the beauty business, the packaging you use is often just as important as what’s inside. This is because the way you package your product helps to reflect the aspirations of the customer. In essence, they are buying into the lifestyle that your product promotes, and the way that you use packaging has a huge effect on this. 


The good news is that it’s easier than ever before to create high-end packaging that reflects the values of your target audience, even for smaller beauty businesses. Indeed, instead of paying a packaging specialist to complete this task for you, it’s possible to use things like these custom foiled stickers and apply them to your bottles, containers, and boxes. Thereby, creating an effective high end- aspirational look, at a far more reasonable price. 

Step four- build and leverage your reputation

Last of all, what you need to remember is that reputation is everything in today’s beauty market. This applies to several scenarios. The first is when you are working with beauty influencers. Unfortunately, influencers in this sector can get embroiled in mud-slinging pretty easily, and this can reflect badly on your product. With that in mind, choosing not only the most popular influencer of the time but the ones with the most spotless reputation is the best idea. 


Similarly, when it comes to maintaining your business’s online reputation, there is considerable work to be done. First of all, you need to build up your rep online by encouraging customers to leave reviews on independent sites. Some of the best ways to do this are to provide excellent customer service, going above and beyond what a customer may expect. Be careful though as while it may be tempting to encourage reviews with free gifts and discounts, some sites will remove any that are motivating in this way. 

Once you have an established positive reputation online you will need to do all you can to persevere it. This means having someone watching out for mentions on social media and review sites, and answering any negative posts. Of course, the way that they answer them is all-important. This is because with a mature and professional response you can not only help soothe an irate customer but prove to any other potential customers reading that comment that you care and will do everything in your power to resolve any issues. Something that will help you secure even more sales in the future.