Black Friday increases online retail traffic

Akamai has announced the marketing flurry that accompanied the Black Friday sales of Friday 28th November in Europe resulted in increased traffic.

This Black Friday traffic has resulted in a sharp rise in peak retail traffic volumes of almost three times their 2014 baseline traffic levels and almost four times their average 2013 levels.

  • The biggest surge in traffic was Black Friday, with levels peaking at 280% the 2014 baseline, and 360% the 2013 baseline.
  • In 2014 mobile devices have accounted for 52% of traffic this holiday season.
  • iPad traffic now accounts for 21% of mobile traffic.
  • iPhone and Android devices representing 16% and 15%.
  • Windows and Mac desktop traffic shares have now decreased to 40% and 8% respectively.

During Black Friday 2014 it has been observed that mobile device traffic has been at its highest early in the morning, drops during the day and then progressively increases throughout the evening. Conversely, desktop traffic has continuously shown peaks during the working day.

Enrique Duvos, product marketing director of EMEA at Akamai said: “The rise in volumes of retail traffic across our platform this holiday season, reflect the growth of the e-commerce industry across Europe, as well as the increased popularity of key events from the global e-commerce calendar. The continuing trend of mobility highlights the importance of providing websites that are optimised for mobile browsing, in order to capitalise on this growth area.”

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