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Orion Software announces key partnership with PerfectCloud

Orion Software and Services Ltd and PerfectCloud last week announced a partnership to offer a more complete cloud security suite to the UK market. This partnership meets the needs of organisations in Europe that are looking to ensure the security and privacy of their cloud data.

Orion Software & Services (SAS), a provider of innovative world-class cyber security solutions for households and businesses, forms a strategic UK partnership with PerfectCloud Corp., a provider of enterprise-class identity and access management solutions as well as cloud storage security software, to form a strategic partnership with the aim of addressing this overwhelming problem sweeping businesses of all sizes across all industries.

As part of this partnership, Orion SAS will resell PerfectCloud’s solutions to its customer base in the United Kingdom.

Simon Cairns, managing director of Orion SAS said: “Orion sees this as an indispensable addition to the services we already supply and we believe that with PerfectCloud, we can address some of the biggest issues that SMEs, individuals and large enterprises are facing with cyber crime.”

“Most big companies have some form of protection and the budget to increase this. There are two-factor authentication and biometrics solutions out there that may cost millions but are not readily available to the majority of businesses out there. We see PerfectCloud as the perfect partner to offer real security where it matters and deliver it to individuals, small businesses and large organisations with and without large security budgets.”

PerfectCloud’s SmartSignin provides businesses of all sizes the ability to manage their online identities and conveniently log in automatically to multiple services by selecting the appropriate provider’s icon. Its zero-knowledge architecture, advanced auditing, and simple fluid interface makes it easy for less-versed individuals to navigate the world of single sign-on technology.

SmartCryptor, the second product in the PerfectCloud suite, provides users with an extra layer of strong encryption to prepare files for secure cloud storage. Both of these tools work in unison to provide an environment that locks away predators from businesses that value their digital possessions.

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