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Britons are more likely to buy a gift if it has packaging that can be reused

The team at surveyed almost 2,400 UK adults about their gifting habits.

It was initially found that just 9% of people will, more often than not, panic buy a gift without fully thinking it through. The rest (91%) admit that plenty of thought goes into the gifts they purchase so they can assure they buy the very best gift for the person it’s going to.

Heartfelt (37%) and personalised (21%) gifts were found to be the favourites.

Asked what they considered when looking at gift options, UK adults stated the below is all factored into the decision-making process of whether or not they make a purchase:

  • If they may already have it – 25%
  • If it looks high quality – 23%
  • The packaging – 22%

78% of those who take packaging into consideration admit they’re far more likely to buy a gift if the packaging is beautiful.

It was also found that a product with potentially reusable packaging is three times more likely to be purchased than one without.

There was a gender split with this however, with a 15:1 comparison of those who look for reusable packaging for women as opposed to men.

What’s more, 43% are looking for as little plastic within the packaging as possible, and 41% want to ensure any external packaging can be recycled. is on a journey to minimise their environmental impact, from their carbon footprint and energy usage right through to their packaging. All luxury food and drink hampers have inner and outer cardboard that is 100% recyclable and FSC certified; all wicker, bamboo and willow baskets are made from sustainable materials and can be reused over and over again, while also being biodegradable; the wood wool used as a loose filling inside the hampers to protect the components is also recyclable, 100% biodegradable and can be popped in a composter; finally the fridge packs used for perishables – such as cheese and cream – are both reusable and recyclable.

Gifting represents a unique packaging challenge – balancing the focus on sustainability with the need for gifts to be beautifully presented.’s new gift boxes are made from sturdy cardboard, with a hinged lid, and the brand’s signature ‘h’ makes a statement in gold on the top. They have been designed to be both attractive and useful.

Patrick Gore, Managing Director of, commented:

“A lot of thought goes into a gift, whether it’s a birthday gift, an anniversary gift or simply a treat to let someone know how special they are to you. As well as wanting to ensure that the gift is going to be well received, it’s nice to be environmentally considerate, while treating your recipient to a two-part gift, with packaging that can go on to be reused.

“We regularly hear from customers who have received a wicker basket hamper and have gone on to use it throughout their home, whether for blankets in the living room, toiletries in the bathroom, or as a picnic basket for family outings.

“Consumers are becoming more conscious of a variety of things when buying gifts and it’s important that companies are taking this into account when expanding and improving our product offering. We’re regularly evolving our packaging, to ensure we’re doing as much as we can for the environment, while being as visually stunning as possible, and we’re very excited to launch our new boxes later this year.”