Childrenswear Brand Frugi Goes Circular

Frugi, a pioneering brand in sustainability, with GOTS-certified organic cotton at its core for the last 18 years, continues to innovate and lead the way in circular childrenswear. A long-time champion of protecting the planet for future generations, the Cornish-based brand is once again raising its credentials to provide certified circular children’s clothing and will be the first kids clothing brand to join the Circular Textiles Foundation’s revolution.

The Circular Textiles Foundation is the first of its kind; the ground-breaking initiative provides an independent circularity standard for genuine accountability, transparency, and peace of mind. In making circularity accessible to all, the foundation turns the concept into a reality. Frugi is a brand which prides itself on its sustainable commitments throughout its business, while exporting to over 550 retailers in 30 countries across the globe. Frugi’s wider mission of raising the next generation of eco-heroes mean the collaboration is a perfect fit.

As the first childrenswear brand to join the Circular Textiles Foundation, Frugi has truly taken to heart what it means to be circular.  Following an in-depth series of circular design workshops with the Foundation, the brand is working to embed key circular principles throughout the design, development, and manufacturing process, to create a ground-breaking range of fully recyclable clothing for the Spring/Summer 2023 season.

The Circular Textiles Foundation certification mark will be carried on 22% of the new Spring/Summer ‘23 collection; with a goal to encompass the entire organic cotton range for future collections.  This mark guarantees that the garment has been designed to be recycled by a specific facility, which processes it into new fabric. The fabric can then be used to make new clothing, eliminating waste, reducing the need for virgin materials, and reducing CO2 emissions. Frugi customers can actively join in with the brand’s circular journey by scanning the QR code found on the garment’s tag to find out how and where it can be recycled.


As a brand that has always pioneered in sustainability, Frugi produce high quality and durable clothes that can be patched up, passed down and worn again and again, rather than being disposed of after a few wears. A key aim of partnering with the CTF is to prevent clothes going into landfill or incineration via diversion and recycling. This aligns with Frugi’s values to create an ‘end of life’ plan for all its garments, giving the brand full responsibility for the clothing it produces even after they are purchased by customers. Frugi’s clothes are made to last, so through the CTF partnership, each holder will continually be able to scan a garment’s label and recycle it, no matter how many times it is passed on to siblings, friends, and relations.

Sophie Scanlon, Head of Circular Design for the Circular Textiles Foundation, comments: “Frugi has truly taken to heart what it means to commit to making garments circular. We are delighted to be supporting them in transforming the way future generations value and interact with their clothes.’’

Sarah Clark, CEO of Frugi Group, comments: “We’re excited to be joining a ground-breaking initiative like the Circular Textile Foundation. Sustainability is at the heart of the Frugi brand our clothes are already designed to grow with children, using reversible prints, interactive appliques, and clothes with extendable cuffs, waistbands, and shoulder straps.  Our commitment to eliminating waste is further strengthened by our partnership with the Circular Textile Foundation, especially as the first childrenswear brand to do so. We can’t wait to launch our Spring/Summer ‘23 range with the new certification and to show that we are serious about making a genuinely circular product, and to protect the planet we play on.”