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Choosing A Contractor: Top Tips For Finding The Right Person For The Job

Renovating a retail space is a unique challenge. It takes a professional with a history or reliability, and that is capable of keeping to a timeframe.  Having the perfect person in the right job can make all the difference. Delays on their end can have a massive impact on your business, especially if you have to close for refurbishment. If you are trading while renovation work is underway, their conduct becomes your conduct. They need to understand that your customers are their clients too. Finding the right person for the job is not impossible, it just requires the right approach.

Put The Word Out

Like in retail, reputation is paramount in the world of construction and renovation. There is no better recommendation than one from a previous customer. Ask around. You may have friends, family, or neighbours who have recently completed a renovation or a building project or knows someone that has. There is nothing better than ‘word of mouth’. It gives you honest feedback, both positive and negative, which can be invaluable when deciding who to invest your time and money in.

At MyBuilder, you can find local builders near you with reviews and recommendations from previous clients and photographs of their work. This can help you get the knowledge you need quickly, and pick the perfect person for the job. Look for a contractor with a solid rating and read through the reviews carefully. Positive reviews will give you confidence in the builder’s abilities, while negative ones highlight potential red flags to help you narrow down your list of candidates. You may even be able to find a contractor with commercial building experience in your retail sector.

Investigating a contractor’s reputation through reviews and recommendations can be incredibly reassuring when making an investment in building upgrades. You know that the contractors are reliable, professional, and easy to work with.

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Talking Shop

Open communication with your contractor is a key element of your project. From the get-go, make sure any potential contractor is communicative, open, and transparent. This needs to start from the initial consultation and quotation and continue throughout the project until completion.

They should be willing to listen to your ideas and be able suggestions based on their experience and skills. You need to listen to them too. They may make suggestions that can save you money or provide a better long-term investment. A contractor who provides a detailed, written proposal demonstrates professionalism, and it is a positive indication of their communication style.

During the project, regular updates should be scheduled and milestones set. Any changes or issues should be promptly communicated, and dealt with through discussion, with both of you agreeing on any alterations to the plan. Remember, your contractor is there to guide you through the process, so no question or concern should be considered trivial. They will be happy to talk about their work. Build a relationship with your builder and you will have a better experience from the project and probably a better result.

How a contractor responds to your inquiries is a key indicator of their communication skills. If they’re slow to respond or don’t answer your queries satisfactorily, perhaps they aren’t the best fit for shop fitting.

You Can Quote Me

With a shortlist completed, and contractor consultations completed, it’s time to get quotes for the cost and timescale of the work. The lowest quote doesn’t always mean the best choice, always seek a balance between cost and quality.

Each quote should be comprehensive, detailing the cost of materials, labour, and any other charges. This level of detail offers insight into where your money is going and prevents unexpected costs further down the line. Low quotes could be a sign that a contractor is underestimating the scale of the project, or cutting corners.

You can always get back in contact to ask more questions or clarify information. A reputable contractor will take the time to explain and provide clarification. They should also be willing to negotiate and work within your budget and will be happy to have the opportunity to refine their quote.

The payment schedule should be a part of the quote too, setting instalments to specific milestones in the project. Avoid contractors who demand a full payment upfront. With a reasonable down payment, followed by instalments based on progress, a professional contractor should have everything they need to start work.

Renovating a commercial space, especially a retail space, requires extra care and attention to detail. The quality of your contractor will reflect the quality of your products and services to customers. Both during and after the project, you need to ensure your contractor is capable of providing levels of service and quality that match your own. Use these top tips to find the right person for the job and for your business.