Cyber Monday more sucessful than Black Friday online

Black Friday was a success offline, but online Cyber Monday has dwarfed it. This is especially true for independent online retailers, as it was the most successful on record.

For businesses using ekmPowershop’s hugely popular e-commerce solution, Cyber Monday is of greater importance. An expansive survey covering thousands of online shops strongly supports this. Sales on Cyber Monday are up 29.6% compared to the sales on Black Friday. The overall sales numbers are up 8.77% compared to 2013’s Cyber Monday.

The largest survey of its kind tallied with predictions from industry experts, who expected an 8% increase in e-commerce sales for Cyber Monday. It is however less than was hoped for, and numbers seem to suggest that whilst many consumers are looking for a deal, these sales are becoming less important to get the holiday shopping season started.

There is still growth, just less than in past years.

The money that hasn’t been spent over Black Friday and Cyber Monday will almost certainly be spent over the coming weeks with unabating ‘flash sales’, as consumers believe there are always offers out there online – and that they don’t need to rely on just one day.

This can turn out to be a better business for many, as there is less of a need for a drastic reduction in prices.

Black Friday is very much an offline event that aims to get people through physical doors, and hasn’t reached the smaller businesses who sell their wares over the internet. Black Friday sales online were largely held by the Amazons, Currys and other huge retail brands which have an equally huge online presence. Often these were also tied to sales that ran in-store. It was a way for the brick and mortar stores to get the early Christmas customers through the door and therefore less of an event for the pure online players.

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