Dream Beds Find Digital Success With 20% Savings Thanks To CCW

Creative production company, CCW, reimagine Dreams photography offerings and deliver 60% more content while reducing costs by 20%

A huge part of any retailer’s success comes from their photography and marketing. Customers need to visually see a product and like it in order to purchase it, especially when it’s not always possible to go into the store. For Dreams, photography was a huge part of its marketing machine. In fact, Dreams produced over 4,000 photographs each year across all channels plus moving image content for social media and instore! Naturally, photography was a huge part of the business.

The challenge for Creative Content Works (CCW) was to reduce costs while keeping outputs at a high level and improve the overall customer experience. CCW worked with bed manufacturer Dreams to completely switch the company’s product imagery from photography to digitally native content.

While keeping costs down and outputs high, CCW was able to generate multiple variants, colours and fabrics for Dreams’ online bed builder application. This meant that potential customers could visually see what their dream bed would look like without having to visit stores, or order products or fabrics ahead of purchasing – without the company needing to physically shoot each product variant.

Thanks to the partnership and tech first approach, Dreams was able to reduce production costs by 20% year-on-year, while delivering over 60% more content! The results were incredible for everyone involved and customers were able to access more visuals than ever before, helping them in their purchase journeys.

Speaking of CCW’s work, Simon Moore, Director of Marketing & Media at Dreams, said: “We produce over 4,000 images per year, and needed a new approach. Logistics to physically shoot are not easy with big beds, transporting from one location to the next, but with Creative Content Works the solution was significantly more cost efficient. Additionally, it provided agility and the ability to produce multiple looks with ease.”


James McVitie, Managing Director at CCW, said: “Our team’s expertise has grown over the years, to a point where we are no longer purely offering digital production services. By developing new technologies, we are now able to help clients to reach their desired goals, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Due to this new in-house approach, we decided the time was right to rebrand as Creative Content Works, to highlight our new, tech-first service offering.”

CCW helps some of the UK’s largest retail and consumer brands to close the gap between digital and physical experience, while also reducing cost and carbon footprint. As part of the new offering, CCW uses pioneering 3D technology to create a digital twin of any product, giving brands the potential to deliver content to any channel. CCW’s revenue increased by 300% to over £4m at the start of 2022. This exponential growth is forecast to continue, with a focus on breaking through the £10m barrier in 2023.

James added: “Our growth over the past three years comes down to the dedication of the team to innovate and disrupt industry norms. Throughout the pandemic we have helped clients to connect the digital and physical shopping experience, to keep conversion high during times of uncertainty, when in-store purchases weren’t always possible.”

Manchester based creative production company, Visual Method, is rebranding to become Creative Content Works (CCW), to firmly realign the business with its current proposition and service offering.

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