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OKdo: How the coding technology retailer thrives

As the world moves to an increasingly digital future, retailers will be adopting new technology in order to adapt and thrive.

Coding technology retailer, OKdo, are already thriving within the education and technology sectors, thanks to their revolutionary product, content and brand partnerships. Here’s how they have thrived in a tough economic time for retail.

Focusing on their niche

Okdo have a great understanding of who they are as a brand and where they sit within the coding technology marketplace. This has helped them thrive as a coding technology retailer. From their branding to their content, OKdo do a great job at communicating with their target customers across the world.

Taking an educational approach

OKdo coding technology kits focus on education. The company aims to help people learn the coding skills that will benefit them in the workplace of the future that is more digital than ever before. OKdo’s Arduino coding kits are well priced within the marketplace. This has allowed OKdo to reach a whole new audience who are hungry to learn.

This educational approach has set OKdo apart from their competitors and established them as a coding technology retailer that helps their user’s learn new skills.

Influential brand partnerships

Due to the revolutionary nature of their products, OKdo has been able to partner with some influential businesses to further the reach of their coding technology.

Most notably, OKdo has partnered with the BBC in a long-term campaign to bring coding to schools in the UK. The Bitesize campaign was launched in 2016, which aimed to bring coding education to all UK school children under 7 initially (this has since been expanded), and OKdo provided the technology for the campaign.

Okdo learn codingMaintaining a global outlook

OKdo understands the impact digital technology has on our daily lives and the role it plays in the world. This understanding allows them to keep a truly global outlook to their retailing and partnerships.

The company regularly donates coding equipment to educational establishments in the developing world. This helps to educate children on the changing nature of the digital world and provide them with the skills they need to advance in their future careers.

Innovating and thinking forward

To maintain their position as a leading coding technology retailer, OKdo cultivate an innovative mindset and a forward thinking way to develop their business. Since their founding, OKdo have continually innovated their product offering.

Over the years, the company has developed their coding starter kits to help encourage all generations to learn coding. They also provide detailed video and written content, as well as a learning hub, to support their users when they are setting out on their coding journeys.