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Five tools that helps you manage remote teams

Many small and medium sized businesses decide to employ remote workers these days. While cost plays a role in the decision, remote workers can be more productive and engaged, provided that they are motivated and the company is able to communicate clearly with them.

Whether you are just thinking about setting up a remote team or would like to improve your communication, you will find the below list of tools and software useful.

1. Slack

One of the most popular, and best priced software for team collaboration is Slack. It is available on Apple and Windows systems, and suitable for all mobile devices. Slack can help you build effective teams, assign jobs, work together on documents and share contracts and policies. There is a built in call and conferencing tool so you can set up meetings, adjusting the timing to the zone of your remote workers.

2. Google Workspace

If you are not looking to spend more than a couple of dollars a month, you can upgrade your Google Drive to Google Workspace. The flexibility of the business cloud collaboration system is its main strength. You can integrate several applications available for free or at a low cost on Google’s Play store, so you can pick and mix the features you need. Google Workspace comes with complete user profiles and professional email services.

3. Workflow Max

Workflow Max integrates marketing and collaboration features. You can assign jobs to people and manage different work processes. If you are handling complicated jobs, and every remote worker is completing a different phase, you should give this platform a try, as it is able to plan your entire workflow and automatically assign tasks and deadlines, so you don’t have to manually follow up every stage. You can manage your supply chain and marketing in one place.

4. Asana

For project-based tasks, it is important to enabling collaboration within teams. Asana is a productivity tool designed for remote workers. You can take the hard work out of your project management and see the snapshot and progress report immediately. You can assign and monitor various tasks and processes. Setting up Asana and user profiles is simple, however, you might want to consult with an IT support small business company to get advice on how to make the most out of the capabilities of the software.

5. Time Doctor

Companies outsourcing customer service jobs and paying their remote workers per hour could benefit from getting Time Doctor. Time tracking abilities will allow you to compare the productivity of each employee, so you can find out how much value you are getting for your money. You might also use this software to monitor performance and find out exactly how many hours it takes your designers to complete a website or an SEO project.

Whether you are in the services industry or simply want to make your project management easier and more cost-effective, you should check out the above remote working apps. They will help you stay updated with the progress of the work and collaborate with your remote workers better.