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3 communication standards your business needs

Communication is the currency of success in business. You can never have too much of it. But you can have too little of it.

A lack of communication will result in all sorts of horrors. Employees will become distant and non-responsive to the concerns of colleagues. Departments will erect mental walls and stop passing on vital information. Camaraderie will dive through the floor and the sense of cohesiveness will bring everyone’s morale down. There’s no point in having a high enthusiasm for communication among employees if they don’t have the modern standards to exercise that enthusiasm. Using contemporary systems, your business will never have an excuse to not be talking.

Virtual meetings

What if you have a cross-departmental team that needs to meet every Monday, but you can’t make it into the office today? It’s difficult to get employees to communicate when they don’t know what their next steps are. So even if you’re sick and at home or abroad on a plane, using a virtual conference software will allow you to continue leading a team. Zoom is one of the top brands as it allows work to be shared seamlessly between employees. Your workers can stay at their desks and with the aid of a webcam or even just their smartphone selfie camera, they can be a willful participant to your meeting. This type of software also allows employees who also aren’t able to make it in, to still give their opinion and helpful advice. They don’t have to do the work, but more minds coming up with solutions to problems will help those that can do the work needed.

Free text tools

Small businesses are trying to cut costs wherever they can. If you don’t have task management software that allows employees to seamlessly chat, you can utilise the array of free software. Google Hangouts allows for group text chat, so your employees can shoot over messages without any fuss. Using Facebook Messenger is also something to consider as it too has no cost of use either. Instagram messaging is also something to encourage your employees to use if you have no other alternatives. Twitter also has the same features. Practically all social media platforms allow for one on one to group text chat messaging. 

Always on-call

There may come a time when you need to have certain employees on-call all the time. Usually, this is for the C-suite as executive decisions cannot be restricted to the normal 9-to-5. Using Office Tek for IT services, you can set up business phone systems that forward virtual calls from desktops to smartphones. The hosted system is able to be used 24/7 and is purposefully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It’s also affordable so you don’t need to worry about costs, even though it’s a 24-hour service. 

Virtual meeting software is incredibly important. If you can’t speak face to face, at least you can speak virtually face to face which is the next best thing. If you are cutting down on costs, ask employees to utilize free text chat services to get things done.