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Gift guide: Presents for music lovers

It can be fun finding a present for a music enthusiast. With plenty of choice out there, you can find something that makes for a memorable and personal gift.

Below, we explore some of the most exciting presents for music lovers.

A gift-card for future concert tickets

One option is to get a gift card for a future concert. Gigs can get expensive when they all pile up and by offering a gift card, you’ll be able to help them fund their passion.

Questlove’s ‘Music is History’ book

Questlove’s Music Is History, is an obsessive book that follows the past 50 years of American music. And Questlove knows what he’s talking about – with over 200,000 records stored in his upstate farm, this is a luxurious book packed with insight.

Funko pop figure – explain why this would make a good gift

A funko pop figure can also make for a wonderful collectible present. With figurines from all over pop culture, you can find the perfect gift depending on what specific artists or genre of music your enthusiast likes.

Jabra true wireless earbuds

Jabra’s wireless earbuds are perfect for any music lover. They fit snugly on the ear without the hassle of any wiring, whether you’re exercising or resting they can help you enjoy music with crisp and rich sound definition.

Masterclass subscription

Masterclass offer online lessons from some of the most famous musicians and composers in the world. Whether you’re interested in song writing and creativity from St Vincent, or film scoring from Hans Zimmer, there’s a class out there for every music fan.

Vinyl copy of their favourite album

A vinyl copy of their favourite album can make for a truly thoughtful gift. There’s something about vinyl that feels more precious and unique than digital or CD music. Just ensure that you’re selecting an album that they don’t already have in their collection!

Music card game

There are plenty of music themed card games and board games out there. From game that song to the top of the pops board game, there are all sorts of different options out there depending on the type of music they like.

Personalised acrylic glass

Alternatively, if you know their favourite song you can get them a personalised acrylic glass celebrating the tune. Designed to imitate the Spotify presentation of a song, this can act as a lovely reminder of their most cherished tune.

There are all sorts of presents available for music lovers. From funko pop figures to acrylic glass, there should be something out there for every enthusiast.