How To Pick The Perfect Size Space Heater For Your Room

Winter is love for many but concern for millions as well. Winter is a season which provides sweat-free days with high energy all day. But when you are in your room and feeling the cold at its best, you are probably thinking of installing a heater in your room.

On the other hand, if you are using central HVAC systems, they will not be efficient enough to give you the ultimate comfort with the warmth that you need in your room. It’s advisable to go through and learn about the various types of electric heaters.

After that, you will be able to understand which is better for you. However, our concern is to give you comfort in the frozen days with space heaters which are preferable to heat your whole room.

When you are choosing the heater, you will need to consider its size. The wrong size unit of an electric heater can be a reason for more expense and less comfort.

If you choose a smaller size than you need, you will not get enough heat, and on the other hand, if you get a bigger size, you will lose money for the heat which you do not need. The size of a heater depends on the ceiling height, degree of insulation, outside temperature and the windows.

Heating Methods: Radiant Heat Vs Convection

Convection heaters are efficient in giving the ultimate heat to a spacy area like your dining room or your living room. This process considers the cool air and draws it to electric power inside to provide the heat.

The more it gets, the heat it tries to flow through the air and make the whole room warm. It circulates the air in the whole room, and the process works in a cycle.

On the other hand, the radiant heating process targets a particular area or object or even people. It takes less time to get the heat out, but it is not as efficient as convection heathers.

It directly considers thermal radiation without air currents. The thermal radiation travels on electromagnetic waves to create heat which does not flow through or convert heat to other areas. So, if you want the heart, you will need to be closer to it and in direct contact.

A distance from these heathers can create a big difference in temperature.

Space Heater

Ways To Pick Your Best Fit Electric Space Heater.

There is a common parameter to choose the best heater for you. For instance, airflow rates, heat output and electrical rating are crucial to maintaining the ultimate heating process and giving you the best comfort.

However, the size of a heater is among the main criteria if you go for a space heater. Let’s find out the key criteria to ensure the perfect size of your electric space heater.

Terms You Need To Be Familiar With

Before you determine the perfect size for your electric heater, you need to focus on some crucial terms of an electric heater. However, you also need to understand that the space heater works with the convection process.


Watt considers the rate of energy transfer by a particular device. Watt is the multiplication of amperage and voltage. Amperage determines the particular amount of electricity a device uses for its operations.

On the other hand, voltage signifies the particular pressure that is required to move and secure the charging between two points. So, when you are going to buy a space heater, you will need to consider the watts of the machine.

Temperature Rise

It indicates the actual temperature of a room and also the desired temperature of yours. So, this is a factor that can determine supplemental heating.

It indicates the energy a heater needs to move you into a comfortable position. When your room temperature is too low, and you are willing to get warm, then the heater will use more energy to provide you with a particular ambience.

Ceiling Height

As we have already discussed, the space heater works in a cycle to heat up the entire room where you are using it. So, it will take some time, and you will keep your patience intact if you have a larger room with more ceiling height.

As it is a gradual process to consider the entire room and its air, the more space you use, the more watt it will take. More watt means a larger size, and if you are willing to increase 2 feet extra space, then you will need to enhance your wattage by 25% extra.

For instance, if you are using a 10 x 12 room with a 10-foot ceiling, you may consider a space heater of 1500 watts. In another condition, when the ceiling height grows to 12-foot, you will need an 1800 watts space heater.


The size of your room also indicates the insulation process. The larger room you have, the chances are high that you will experience high insulation. In a highly insulated room, if you use small-sized space heaters, it will take more time and energy than you expected.

So, it’s better to go for larger watts to ensure a warmer, better-insulated room.


Windows considers up to 8% of the total house. Windows indicates the thermal emissivity of your home. In any house, an average thermal emissivity rating is close to 0.91%. This indicates the required thermal energy of 90%.

While the space heater uses a convection process to ensure the heating process is stimulating, it will consume more energy and time if you have larger windows.

Outside Temperature

The size of space heaters will increase if you are in a freezing cold situation. This means if the outside temperature is high, then the machine will consume more energy than expected. Watts will rise, and simultaneously the size will also increase if you live in the hills.

Find Out Comfort By Confirming The Size.

After you have gone through the above-mentioned instance, it’s time to reconsider your heater buying process. Now that you know that you can buy a perfect-sized heather which can give you better comfort with low energy consumption, why should you not go for that option?

Finally, measure your room size and then go for purchasing the electric space heater and always be aware of the watts.