Smart hub electric roller blinds 

As a homeowner, your time is more valuable than ever. With meeting filled agendas, we are often expected to be in two places at once, leaving little or no time to think about the temperature of our homes. 

We are often greeted at the front door with a fog of stuffy, hot air that has been slowly heating up throughout the day. Having the ability to control what goes on inside your home, from your smartphone, gives homeowners the power to control the climate, and roller blinds, of your home, wherever you are. 

E-commerce innovation

Electric roller blinds offer effortless smooth operation, the perfect option for hard to reach and big windows. 

Imagine being able to control these blinds whilst on the go, arriving home, or leaving for a long weekend away! 

At Swift Direct Blinds, our Electric Roller Blinds are compatible with Smart Hubs such as Google Or Amazon Alexa, a solution that allows homeowners to operate their blinds at a touch of a button on your smartphone or a tablet. Blinds can be controlled individually, by room or all together.

Using a Smart Hub to control your blinds means homeowners can now maximise their home security by controlling their blinds when away at work or on your holiday, offering you peace of mind when you need it most.

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home

You can integrate Smart Hub with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing homeowners to open and close all their blinds using just their voice, from one single device. 

The Smart Hub will work with existing One Touch blinds, so you can purchase the Hub separately, even if you have previously bought electric remote control roller blinds.

Child friendly convenience 

Electric Roller Blinds are inherently child safe, making them the perfect window dressing for your children’s nursery or a playroom. All our electric roller blinds are made to your measurements and come with a 5 year guarantee to offer you a complete peace of mind.

Technology that benefits everyone

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord and holiday lettings owner, you can benefit from Smart Hub controlled electric blinds. 


First impressions count when viewing a property for the first time. You’ll want the blinds to be wide open when showing guests round the property and being able to control this from your phone before you arrive is crucial!

Holiday property owners

When operating multiple properties and letting them out on a short term basis, it can be difficult to keep up with the comings and going of each property. By opting for smart blinds, you can control not only the climate, but the security of your properties whilst on the move. 


If you’ve been called on a last minute work trip, or you’ve planned a summer holiday, being able to control your blinds from afar can be the difference between a burglar considering to break in or not. Using our Smart Hub you can maximise your home security by controlling your blinds when away at work or on your holiday, offering you peace of mind when you need it most.