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How to promote eco-friendly strategies in-store

eco-friendlySaving the planet is more important than ever to businesses. Aside from maintaining the environment for years to come, you also have to prove that you’re on the side of consumers.

Today, 88% of customers expect brands and businesses to make a difference in the world, so it’s not as if you can bypass this eco-friendly debate.

There are tonnes of ways to highlight how you fight for a good cause, yet most of them centre on your digital presence. A basic logo is enough to show that you recycle, for instance. When it comes to bricks-and-mortar shops, you need to go the extra mile.

Here’s how.

Upcycle your decor 

Plenty of in-store features go in and out of fashion, yet furniture tends to maintain its significance. People shop until they drop, so it makes sense that there is somewhere to sit and relax when the experience gets too much! The good news is that this is an opportunity to promote your eco-friendly strategies by upcycling focal pieces. Whether it’s refurb chairs or sofas, don’t be afraid to note what it is and where it came from. You’ll find that shoppers love the information to the point where it adds value to their in-store adventure.

Market products subtly

While customers love eco-friendly brands, they don’t enjoy it when businesses toot their horns. After all, it’s not something you should utilize for the sake of your bottom line. Therefore, openly advertising your products and services may rub them the wrong way and have the opposite effect. A smart trick is to market them subtly by getting employees to wear the company’s design. A basic emblem is enough to trigger a response without going over the top and appearing self-righteous. Upselling works, too, as long as you don’t ram the services down their throats.

Run a fundraiser

The great thing about a fundraiser is that it puts you on the side of a good cause, and you can advertise the fact. It’s all about earning as much money as you can, so it’s not wrong to encourage customers to give a little extra. Plus, everything you receive, you can pass off as a result of your efforts. Again, you must be careful not to cross the line and make it about the company. However, this is pretty straightforward when you have a donation box at the tills. Or, you can follow Waitrose’s example and let shoppers decide which cause to recognise.

Highlight the distance

What’s more environmentally-friendly – shopping online or shopping in-store? It depends on many variables, proximity to your shop being one of them. So, if you’re close to the town centre or in a desirable location, don’t forget to point this out to customers. Firstly, they need to know where you are if they’re going to shop in-store. Secondly, making a single trip saves petrol, which reduces CO2 emissions and protects the planet. Plus, there’s research to suggest driving a short distance is healthier than traditional, industrial shipping methods.

What are your eco-friendly policies and how do you raise their awareness?