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5 powerful ways to market your business

Enticing new customers into your business is tricky, but once someone has tried your service or products they will come back to you time and time again, who will often recommend you to their friends and family. 

Read on to find some powerful ways to market your business.

Lightboxes and HD graphics

Grabbing peoples attention as they are walking down the street is can be a difficult thing to master. Using lightboxes or HD graphics is an excellent way of catching the public’s eye with bright colours, lights and catchy easy to read slogans, things that someone can see what you provide without having to stop for a too long while on a busy street. Showing off through https://weareleach.com/, where you can present your service or product through graphic artwork can boost your customer clientele instantly. 

Social media 

With our phones being such a big part of our lives, advertising on multiple social media platforms can help get the word out about your latest promotion or product launch. Posting on various platforms around 7 pm is the best time to upload, as this is when most people sit down in front on the television and scroll on their phones after dinner. Making the most of Instagram stories for daily updates throughout the day to show your businesses story and makes them feel like they are part of the everyday running of your company. 

Word of mouth

We recommend things all the time, on the street, to friends or work colleagues; it’s the free advertising that most people forget that holds our businesses together. Without word of mouth, it can be a challenge for your customers to know about you. Ensuring that you give excellent customer service every time will mean your customers will share your links when their friends mention that they require that particular service. 

Business card and leaflets 

When designing your business card and flyers and if your budget can stretch to it, then picking the premium card option along with additional extras like having the sides of the card in a coating can give the impression that you have attention to detail. Leaving these leaflets in Gyms, on community boards and not to mention providing a couple of cards to friends and family so they can pass it on to others will make a world of difference.

Email marketing 

Dropping a monthly or weekly email to your customers is useful for connecting instantly with your fans by sharing your latest deals and updates in a fun, interesting way. People often have time to read through emails while they are on the train to work or on a lunch break. Sending these first thing in the morning to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for people to catch your email when they have a minute to check their phones throughout the day. 

Hopefully using these top five tips will help your business to grow by setting your business up on social media along with showing off your latest work or products on a lightbox to be seen from afar. All with help build your company and market your business for ultimate success.