How to win more customers for your e-commerce business

Competition in the e-commerce market has become stronger than ever. Since the pandemic struck more businesses have entered the market saturating it and causing a race to the bottom.

This means your business must stand out for the right reasons. It needs to offer quality products at the best prices from the most responsive platform. That is an e-commerce website with a responsive user-friendly interface. Read on to find out how to win more customers for your e-commerce business. 

Mobile growth 

These days around 3.5 billion people worldwide are using mobile devices in the form of phones and tablets. That’s almost as many people as use the Internet. If you are only optimising your website for standard Internet traffic you’re missing out on a substantial customer base that will only continue to grow in the future. 

This is significant if you own or run an e-commerce business. If the majority of your customers are accessing the Internet on the go they will be responsive to websites that facilitate their needs. This demographic needs user friendly interfaces and fast sales funnels to make purchases on the go. They need responsive design. 

Increased conversion

In this digital age Internet consumers have become used to fast purchases with easy interfaces. They don’t tolerate anything that is marginally difficult to navigate or that takes too long to load. If your website doesn’t use responsive design you could be in for lost leads and a lot or wasted marketing efforts. 

Conversely, a website, such as Cassidy Brothers Concrete Furniture, using the latest responsive design interfaces, will allow a user on the go to access the item they want and sail through the sales funnel with zero friction. This is what you want from a well optimized e-commerce website. This will link up neatly with your marketing efforts and deliver impressive outcomes. 

UX improvements 

We all hate pinching and zooming. It’s awkward, especially when on public transport or in low light conditions. This is just the sort of awkward interface that causes customers to navigate away and leads to disappear into the ether. UX stands for User Experience, and it’s essential to creating effective modern e-commerce sites. 

It’s been noted by Internet analysts that improved UX facilitates more conversions than e-commerce websites that aren’t updated. This is because the interface is slicker, easier to read, and more convenient. Customers using UX websites will stay on the pages for longer and convert more regularly simply because of the interface. 

SEO benefits 

The benefits of effective UX go beyond basic user experience. They are also very compatible with Google algorithms that integrate well with your SEO strategy. When Google notices that you provide customers with an excellent and responsive website experience it will reward you in the search engine rankings. 

Not only will you receive fewer bounce rates but your investment in SEO will go farther. No doubt you have created a range of content for your website, adverts, and social media feeds. This will all receive more views and contribute to more conversion with a highly optimized and responsive e-commerce website, therefore win more customers.