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Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword anymore, it influences 43% of consumer buying decisions

sustainabilityAccording to the Global Consumer Insights Survey; consumers have prioritised ‘safety’ and ‘sustainability’ as two of the leading buying factors when considering when and where to shop; and this is no surprise considering there have also been noticeable increases in mental health awareness and a stronger focus on self-wellness through the impact of COVID-19. 

With 47% of consumers shopping in a retail store at least once a week, and 43% of these consumers making their buying decisions based on the level of importance that the retailer places on sustainability, and a further 26% of consumers citing a ‘safe in-store experience’ as a buying factor; retailers have never had to focus more on their actions equalling their mission statements.

Oxford Plastics are hoping to lead the way for retailers in 2021 through the launch of the Lantis Crowd Control Barrier. The Lantis is the world’s first 85% Post Consumer Resin (PCR) barrier, an incredible feat for a business that already gives 2,000 tons of PVC a second life purpose each month.

The Lantis Barrier is a three-pronged brandable solution for retailers who are desperately trying to establish and maintain brand loyalty with both consumer spending and trading conditions more volatile than ever before. Oxford Plastics are addressing consumer concerns around;

  • Landfill – through the recycled plastic
  • Safety – through the bend and flex composition of PCR plastic
  • Sustainability – through its unparalleled longevity compared with metal barriers that are susceptible to discolouration and rust

The increased demands by the government on retailers to implement stronger crowd control and queuing systems may be here to stay in 2021, but not all solutions are being rewarded equally by consumers, with 86% of UK consumers citing serious ‘concerns’ over the levels of plastic pollution.

Chris Whiteley, Technical Director of Oxford Plastics said; “we know that shoppers are increasingly concerned about how they can shop sustainably and safely, and retailers need to ensure they are doing all they can to address this. Which is why the Lantis Barrier is so pertinent right now. We use PCR plastic material that would otherwise be landfill and give it a second lease of life. Add to that, the Lantis Barrier is available in custom colours to seamlessly integrate this safety barrier into any retail environment.