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Parcel2Go create new app to enhance customer experience

Leading courier comparison website Parcel2Go.com, has created a brand-new app to enhance customer experience. The new app went live on June 9th, available to both Android and iOS devices.

Here, we’ll look at what customers can expect from this new app and how it can enhance the customer experience.

What is the new app?

The new app launched by Parcel2Go, is designed to give customers the best possible delivery experience. It has been created based upon customer feedback, ensuring it comes with all of the features required for an easy and effective service.

Available for both Apple and Android users, the free app allows customers to:

  • Browse current courier prices
  • Multiple parcel sending options
  • Wallet option
  • Track deliveries

It offers a complete delivery solution for customers. Speaking about the new app, a Parcel2Go spokesperson states:

“We’ve updated our app with new features that new and existing customers will love. In fact, there’s very little you can’t do with our app that you can do on our website.”

The app works alongside the leading couriers in the UK, ensuring customers receive a wide range of services.

Offering the lowest prices to customers

The new improved app promises customers the lowest courier prices. It has put together a list of the most affordable and trusted providers. Users can quickly find the cheapest quotes in a matter of minutes.

It is advisable to compare at least three providers to ensure you’re getting the cheapest prices. There are also a lot of other methods you can use to make your deliveries cheaper. These include making sure you’re using lightweight packaging and measuring your parcel accurately.

The app even lets you create and print out labels using Apple Wallet, ensuring you only pay exact delivery costs every time.

Easy tracking and facial recognition

Another great feature included in the app is easy tracking and facial recognition. The facial recognition feature adds an extra layer of security onto deliveries. The app can only be accessed via facial recognition if the feature is activated.

For those wary about the facial recognition feature, there are alternatives. The app also works alongside fingerprint ID and you can use a QR code on a computer for additional access.

Summing up the new app, the spokesperson for Parcel2Go states:

“Compare parcel prices and postal rates from the most reliable parcel delivery companies – saving you time, effort and money. And because we work with all of the industry’s biggest and best couriers, you’ll still get the widest range of services right at your fingertips.”

The new app is sure to make sending parcels much easier as well as more affordable. Whether you are sending parcels locally or internationally, the right courier service is crucial for the reputation of your business.