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Improving the mobile customer experience

How m-commerce solution provider, MoPowered has helped online retailer Appliance House provide its customers with an enhanced mobile customer experience, improved brand perception and further drive traffic through the mobile channel.

Mobile traffic now dominates online activity, but when it comes to creating a ‘mobile friendly’ end-user customer experience, many companies have to decide whether to opt for a responsive design approach or a mobile commerce solution. And, whilst web developers have virtually unanimously embraced responsive for all mobile-related development, the reality is that while this model works well for representing content, its limitations can impede a successful m-commerce experience.

It was this recognition, combined with the need for a mobile site that could be maintained with only a minimal amount of internal resources that led Appliance House to MoPowered’s SaaS mobile commerce solution.

Appliance House is a UK-based online retailer of quality appliances, sinks, taps and electrical accessories for kitchens, bathrooms and around the home. With a successful online site, one of the key drivers for the organisation investing in a mobile channel was to increase its brand perception as a leading supplier in the market.

Chris Reid, director at Appliance House said: “Customer perception is an increasingly important component in buying decisions. We wanted to be able to offer our customers a customised mobile shopping experience that met their expectations of what a premier online retailer might provide. We also wanted to build awareness of both our brand and our products, as well as improve sales volumes through the mobile channel.”

MoPowered built a light quick site, with straightforward navigation, using Appliance House’s desktop site as a data source. The checkout is optimised for mobile, and leverages the retailer’s existing desktop checkout so it doesn’t have to replicate orders at the back end.

Since the mobile site went live in August 2013, Appliance House has seen some significant results:

  • 56% increase in revenue through the mobile channel.
  • 47% increase in the number of transactions.
  • 6% increase in order value.
  • 19% drop in bounce rates.

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