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3D light box advertising arrives in UK

The 3D light box that does not require glasses has arrived in the UK at W & Co and they have won the sole UK & Ireland distribution rights to this technological breakthrough.

3D without glasses works with a super bright LED light box which is then used to backlight a special 3D image that can be viewed without glasses for a display, where images appear to float in front of the screen. While the optimum viewing distance is 3 metres head-on, the infinite depth allows angled views of the display. The viewer can fully immerse themselves in the 3D image and most people sidestep to capture the different viewing angles, this lends well to advertising as it stops the passing shopper to witness the effect.

With the ever growing popularity of 3D televisions & movies in the last few years it was only a matter of time before 3D was used in advertising. The only obstacle was the 3D glasses. Now that this obstacle has been removed it opens up a whole new generation of advertising possibilities where the advertised image will stop customers to wonder at the 3D graphics.

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